The New “Modular” Mac Pro—Possible Sneak Peek at Apple Event Coming Up

The “modular” new Mac Pro Phill Schiller described in an exclusive interview given to selected journalists from TechCrunch (see: Architosh, “Apple Does the Unexpected—Announces New Modular Mac Pro Design Underway,” 4 April 2017) appears to be inching closer to reality, and a possible preview of it may come at Apple’s just announced upcoming event for 30 October 2018, titled “There’s more in the making.”

Basis for Explanation

The basis for this analysis is that Apple’s announcement to journalists points to new tools for the creative professionals the company began to ignore a few years ago and which they have since recommitted. And by “commitment” we mean “every segment of the creative pro markets.

01 – Apple’s press invite invitation art shows numerous versions of creative Apple logos. This one is three dimensional.

The long-rumored iPad Pro 2 is definitely something on the table for expected announcements but the event taking place in Brooklyn, New York, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, clearly indicates Apple’s focus on the creative arts and this is a place where the Mac Pro belongs as well.

02 – The modular Mac Pro is so wanted in the industry that some users have envisioned their own designs. Image and design: R. Brown. All rights reserved.

While discussed it back in the spring of 2017, the next Mac Pro is supposed to be coming in early 2019. While the invitation art clearly points to a new Apple Pencil and new iPad Pro, it just seems hard to imagine an event focused on creatives without mentioning the future direction of the Mac as it pertains to this audience. Let’s hope I am right. The next Mac Pro is terribly long overdue.

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