Google Is Making Gmail Easier to Use–Starting With a Right Click

Google is updating Gmail with a feature that could be a big timesaver for the more than one billion people who use Google’s free email service. The new feature that will help users organize cluttered email inboxes? A right click.

From their inbox, Gmail users can already archive, delete, or mark emails as unread. After the update, users who log in to on a desktop computer will be able to right click in their inbox and see a much more robust menu of options for how to handle an email. The menu will include options to reply, forward, label, move, mute, and snooze emails.

While it’s a minor update, it could save a few clicks—and precious time for people trying to minimize the amount of time they spend handling their emails.

The update started rolling out to some paying G Suite users on Monday. G Suite’s paid service is for businesses, schools, and other institutions that have custom domains. But it will take a few more days for all users to see the new functionality, according to a blog post from Google.

The company did not say when free Gmail users might see the change, however its notice that “all end users” will be impacted by the upgrade means it could happen any time in the near future. The empty email inbox of your dreams could finally be a reality.