EDITORIAL/New Blood? Will President Biden have enough support to capture 2024 nomination?

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Is President Joe Biden in danger of losing his party’s nomination for re-election in 2024?

A new poll says he might be.

A New York Times/Siena College poll released Monday shows 64% of Democratic voters saying they want a candidate other than President Biden in 2024.

Of Democrats under 30, that number clocks in at 90%.

That’s despite about 70% of Democrats saying he’s doing a good job. But among all voters nationwide, the president’s approval rating is a lackluster 33%.

Another bad sign for President Biden — few Americans say the country is moving in the right direction. Only 13% supported the nation’s current course — the lowest since the financial meltdown in 2008. More than three-quarters say the U.S. was going down the wrong path — and the results cut across differences in age, gender, race, party and rural and urban divides.

Voters said the most important problems the U.S. faces are economic — jobs along with inflation and the cost of living. About 75% said the economy was the most important issue. Only about one in 10 cited gun control or political division.

The only ray of hope for President Biden is a slight lead over former President Donald Trump among all voters. The poll reports President Biden would win by a narrow 44% to 41%.

For now President Biden remains the Democratic Party’s frontrunner. That may change. And Republicans might want to consider whether they really want to go with another run by President Trump. It may be time for both parties to seek new blood.