Biden embarks on his first visit to Israel since taking office

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Nick Schifrin:

Yes, the key there is air defense, Judy.

And in order to have regional air defense, you have to be able to communicate instantly and digitally. And I talked to a former senior military official who has been in the middle of this effort. And this official said that they were making progress. They held some exercises regionally. They shared some data.

And they said that there are countries that are cooperating fully, Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt and Israel. But, so far, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, according this official, have not been communicating as much as they need to. And Kuwait and Iraq are actually actively resisting.

So, Judy, there is a long way to go before you could actually get the kind of integrated defense and procedures that are required to do so that Israel is hoping for. But, again, Israel and the U.S. believe that the momentum is positive.