Future of Retirement Planning: Protecting What Matters Most

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Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Time: 1 pm ET | 10 am PT

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Retirement planning continues to be an exciting and rapidly changing field as new, complex issues arise and strategies emerge for financial advisors and other professionals to utilize. Clients themselves face a growing number of challenges in balancing income and legacy planning with longer lifespans, rising costs and other factors. They are increasingly turning to financial professionals for critical advice on income needs and lifestyle issues, and financial advisors have more ways than ever to help clients with retirement planning. Especially in periods of high inflation and market volatility, finding the proper mix of saving, investing and spending is critical. What comprehensive solutions should advisors consider today, and what tools are being crafted for clients’ future planning needs?

Join this complimentary webcast to discover cutting-edge approaches for retirement planning, as well as trends in the field. You’ll learn:

  • The potential impact common issues, such as maintaining levels of spending, have on retirement planning, along with tax planning, Social Security claiming and other related activities

  • How annuities, as well as other approaches to retirement planning, can be integrated into overall wealth management to help protect what matters most to clients in retirement (i.e. creating a legacy, hedging longevity risk, and protecting assets from unnecessary taxation)

  • Helpful ways to support clients who want to balance risks with their desire to enjoy a satisfying lifestyle in retirement

  • And more!

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