East Amory stock market teams learn about investing

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AMORY – Teams of East Amory Elementary School students placed first and second place in this year’s Stock Market Game. The first-place team had a return of 3.5 percent above the S&P 500, while the second-place team had a return of one percent.

“The Stock Market Game is an online education program used in classrooms across America to help teach all skills. Students experience making real-life decisions by participating in the Stock Market Game,” said EXCEL teacher Marcia Moore.

Students in grades four through 12 learn to be a part of a team as they practice math, language and life skills. The program encourages students to work in teams and invest a hypothetical $100,000 in the stock market.

Winners are determined on the percentage return above or below S&P 500 growth. During this trading session, they learned how the war in Ukraine affected trading in a time when the stock market already had a shaky start to the year.

“I am very proud of how well all my students did and I was encouraged by how hard they worked to learn more about the process,” Moore said.