Midland Development Corporation investing $1M to widen and deepen the Midland draw

Midlanders certainly don’t want a repeat of the recent flooding-in fact, they’d like to get rid of the problem all together. The city agrees and so does the Midland Development Corporation.

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“This has been a long term priority for the city of Midland and something that the city had approached the MDC about several years ago in terms of an upcoming infrastructure need,” Sara Harris, MDC executive director said.

The city’s engineering team has been looking at how to prevent these flood waters from overwhelming the system.

MDC is investing $1 million to deepen and widen the Midland draw between Business I-20 and Golf Course Road.

This area floods a lot right now and with this project, they’re hoping that will no longer be the case. Designs and plans are ready for action.

“Certainly the recent rains have shown that drainage needs to be improved across Midland county and this is a great opportunity to make sure that Midland draw is functioning as it should be. We’re going to remove property from the FEMA flood plain and open up new area for development,” Harris said.

The changes will provide more room for water to go in our desert plains and an opportunity to boost the economy with development.

“We want to make sure that there are new roads, new sewer, water infrastructure to accommodate growth in Midland on the east side, on the west side, north, wherever it is designated, prioritized by city council,” Harris said.

The city says they don’t yet have an estimation for when this project will be finished.

They also have additional plans for improvements to the Midland draw from Carver street to Fairgrounds road. Staff is also looking at improvements along the Jal draw and other drain improvement projects along Garfield, Wadley and Golf Course road. 

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