‘Ingraham Angle’ on Biden, Bernie, 2022 Midterms

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INGRAHAM: All right. I’m Laura Ingraham. This is the “Ingraham Angle” from Washington. There is no time to waste. So let’s dive right in.

Meet President Bernie Biden. That’s the focus of tonight’s “Angle”.

During the Democratic primary debates, Joe Biden went out of his way to reassure suburban voters that he wasn’t a Bernie Sanders style socialist.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (D-VT): Why are we the only major country not that paid medical and family leave? You want to make real changes in this country if you want to create an economy that works for all. You need to take on Wall Street, you need to take on the drug companies, and the insurance companies, and the fossil fuel industry. You don’t take campaign contributions from them.


SANDERS: No, I won’t give you a break on this one, Joe. Joe, you just contradicted yourself. One minute you said, I was not on the floor, the next minute you say, well, yes, there was a reason why I was worried about the deficit.


INGRAHAM: Well, but now we see that suburban more moderate Democrats, well, those people were all duped. It didn’t matter which man won. The policies and the direction we would take would be the same.

Now, we tried to warn you that Biden as moderate, that whole brand was a total charade that he would always cave to the hard left.


INGRAHAM: And Biden’s anti-freedom, anti-prosperity plans, they have to be exposed and explained. Now of course, we already know that Biden is too weak to stop the riots. He’s too weak to resist the radicals in his own party.


INGRAHAM: This is how NBC framed the $3.5 trillion Bernie loved budget fiasco that was just announced by the Democrats. “Bernie Sanders lost the presidency, but he’s shaping the agenda.”

Now, progressives are obviously thrilled about what Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are giving them. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s going to go down as the most anti-capitalist, anti-growth, anti-free market piece of legislation ever voted on in the history of America.

Take a look at this list. Amnesty for illegals and funding a civilian climate corps. This will be paid for in one of two ways, both with terrible outcomes for American workers, either Biden’s team are going to have to borrow the money, which will make inflation even worse than it is now, or what they’re planning on is to jack up taxes on wealthier Americans and businesses. And by the way, they’ll charge companies penalties when they exceed newly mandated carbon and methane output levels.

Now, this is literally insane. Right now, even after COVID, the U.S. has the strongest economy in the G7. And these people are working overtime to obliterate it all. So I didn’t go through the whole list. But all of the spending, the Medicare expansion, the child tax credit, all this stuff on the list, ends up being income redistribution, high taxes, heavy regulations, all of that. And the Democrats are fully embracing European style socialism. Oh, they love the family medical leave, that’s all guaranteed.

And just in time for German Chancellor, progressive Angela Merkel, for her to come to town, who’s thrilled about now having an American president, who lets her make all the decisions. Now, her ridiculous appearance today, of course, loving being with Joe Biden standing side by side in the White House. Watch.


ANGELA MERKEL, CHANCELLOR OF GERMANY: I’m delighted to be here. And now we have an opportunity to talk more about our bilateral relationship. Obviously, always in the context of European matters.

BIDEN: We stand together, and we will continue to stand together. To unite our efforts, to upend and on our global climate ambitions that we have to up-the-ante.


INGRAHAM: And why wouldn’t Europe be giddy about Biden? There’s no more dealing with a U.S. president who aggressively defends our energy independence. The bottom line is clear. Today’s Democrats have concluded that American style free market capitalism is dangerous for the climate and for the global order. So, Democrats see American prosperity and wealth creation as a threat, not as an accomplishment.

Now, Obama’s “you didn’t build that” line comes to mind. Democrats and socialists abroad tolerated the riots last summer because they attacked the old order, which they think is basically greedy and racist, and that needs to be silenced and replaced. But by contrast, these same people. They’re panicked now about the massive protests in Greece and France. Crowds are opposing new COVID restrictions and demanding freedom, as a lot of us would expect Americans to do as well.

But Democrats are giving the Cuban protesters a cold shoulder for the same reason. Those people are yearning for freedom. American style. At the same moment, Democrats are trashing the country as racist and trying to limit our freedom. Think about that.

Increasing tax burdens on American businesses is a guaranteed way to hurt innovation and productivity. But Biden is fine with that. The promise of a better life via government controls and income redistribution is always false. It’s all Biden’s got.


BIDEN: It’s one of the largest ever single tax cuts for families with children. And it’s a reflection of our belief that the people of this country, who need the tax cut, aren’t the folks at the top, but it’s the people in the middle. The folks who are struggling, who are just looking for a little bit of, my dad would say, a little bit of breathing room, a little bit of breathing room.


INGRAHAM: Now, for almost 250 years, our economy has been breathing quite well, Joe. It thrived. And it grew into a juggernaut by recognizing a basic principle that the (inaudible) economic system should reward people for hard work. When you kill that incentive to work to show up every day to create, you kill the very thing that drove the prosperity that we enjoy today.

The left has always resented middle-class workers living the American dream. They do things like drive pickup trucks, they own guns, they have big families. They’re proudly patriotic. So they intend to drive up the cost of everything we buy and everywhere we travel, and then expect you to thank them for it. After all, they know how to spend your money better than you do.

The coming tax avalanche on businesses will simply mean that those businesses are going to pass along their higher operating costs to consumers. It’s already happening. When we’re effectively getting taxed on everything, a childcare tax credit, that’s not going to make much of a difference.

And speaking of the children, universal pre-K is also in the bill. I’m all for educating our youth, but really educating them, not brainwashing toddlers with racist drivel. You think that can’t happen in preschool? Guess again, Randi Weingarten’s union has an anti-racist reading list that includes picture books for four year olds.

Here’s what they want your kids learning. The cops shot him because he was Black. Cops stick up for each other, and they don’t like Black men. We can’t always count on cops to do what’s right. The good news is that Republicans, even the fools who support the phony infrastructure bill, are united against this wild expansion of government spending and controls.

The last time Republicans were this united against a Democrat cramdown was back in 2009 against Obamacare. And of course, we all remember what happened. They went on to flip Congress in 2010 midterms as a result. And the Democrats already seemed to know that that day is coming, which is why they’re rushing right now to get it all through, because it may be their last chance in a while at least to fundamentally change the American experience.

Republicans should be holding rallies across the United States campaigning against this nightmare, and for a return to sound economic policy. Republicans should be dogging so-called Democrat moderates, Joe Manchin in West Virginia, Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona. And the bill should be an automatic no for any so-called moderate of either party. And by the sounds of it, though, Manchin is just waiting to have the deal, perhaps sweetened.


SEN. JOE MANCHIN (D-WV): I’m concerned about everything, inflation, I’m concerned about. The price, I want to make sure that we’re paying for it. I want to make sure that we have a competitive tax rate. I want to make sure that the climate policies, that they’re – that they would like to have. It’s an all-inclusive all the above energy. I want to make sure the United States of America stays energy independent.


INGRAHAM: He is going to totally vote for it. It’s my prediction. Now, West Virginia voted overwhelmingly for Trump, not for soft serve socialism. But if Manchin votes for this, that’s exactly what the voters of West Virginia are going to get.

Meantime, there should be no more bipartisan talks on anything, none, zero. It was so embarrassing to see how Romney and company were snookered in that so-called infrastructure deal. They so enjoyed the media adulation, they got that they didn’t see where this was going. They didn’t see that they were being used as props to set up the main act, which is unfolding right now. Somewhere, somewhere tonight, Bernie Sanders is smiling. That’s all you need to know. And that’s the “Angle”.

Three of the senators under the most intense spotlight over this $3.5 trillion travesty, as I mentioned, Manchin, Sinema, and Kelly. So do West Virginians want a war on energy? Do Arizonans on the border want mass amnesty? We thought we would ask a few leaders from those states.

Joining me now is the West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. General Morrisey, Manchin has positioned himself as kind of this – he’s the kingmaker, the most important man in Washington, they described him as. What message should he be hearing from West Virginians over this monstrosity of a bill we do not need?

PATRICK MORRISEY, WEST VIRGINIA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Well, Laura, first of all, thank you very much for having me on. Because when I’m looking at what’s happening with this $3.5 trillion travesty, one of the things I’m most focused on is this new so-called clean electricity standard, that if that goes into effect that will devastate the West Virginia economy. We will go into freefall, because we still rely on coal for 90 percent of our electricity, our power needs and natural gas. And the whole goal behind this big bill and the Biden climate agenda is literally to wipe out the use of those fossil fuels.

So, if he votes for this, this would be catastrophic for our state. So, I’m rooting him on. I’m hopeful that he’ll do the right thing. You may remember, back in 2010, when Senator Manchin first ran, he put a rifle shot, the rifle through the cap-and-trade bill.

What we’re talking about here is the cap-and-trade bill on steroids. This goes so much further than the Obama Clean Power Plan, and it’s going to devastate West Virginia. It’s going to hurt Pennsylvania, Ohio, Appalachia. Working-class America will pay a very heavy price and working families are going to pay a lot more through the power grid. Prices are going to go through the roof.

INGRAHAM: I think they’re going to slip something in the bill to try to placate him, or I just – I have a bad feeling about Manchin on a lot of things, and certainly on this. I don’t have a good feeling, maybe I’m wrong.

But we learned from the Washington Examiner that U.S. border officials are expected to reveal soon that they encountered nearly 190,000 illegals just in the month of June. That is a 450 percent explosion over last year.

Mark, this comes as the Democrats are trying to shove mass amnesty into this so-called reconciliation bill. Do Arizonans care about this? If Kyrsten Sinema was going to be this great moderate force and she’s certainly an interesting person, and I think a pretty good politician. What will Arizonans do?

MARK BRNOVICH, ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Well, Laura, thank you for having me on. And what Laurens – what Arizonans care about, is our public safety. They care about our communities. And we’re not stupid. We know that we’re on pace to have more than 2 million people illegally cross our border. These are record amounts of people crossing.

And we know that right now the cartels have taken advantage of it. I mean, heck, they’re moving more drugs in America than CVS, Walgreens combined. I mean, this is going to have a devastating impact on our neighborhoods just as far as law – well, public safety. We’re also talking about a fiscal impact. This bill, this reconciliation bill is supposed to be about the budget. But really, it’s an attempt to concentrate power and wealth in Washington, DC, because these folks want to control our lives. And we’re going to have 29 – we’re approaching $29 trillion in debt. That’s 250,000 for every single American taxpayer.

So at the end of the day, the Biden’s policies have made our communities more dangerous. They’re trying to–

INGRAHAM: Right. But you are running against Mark Kelly. I’m going to push back on you. You’re running against Mark Kelly. You want to be the nominee to run against Kelly. He’s a former astronaut, patriotic guy, right?

BRNOVICH: I’m going to run against Mark Kelly.

INGRAHAM: So you got to hit him hard. It can’t be Bidens doing this. Mark Kelly gave the impression that other than on the gun issue perhaps, he was going to be kind of a solid down the middle Democrat.


INGRAHAM: This is a socialist piece of legislation. I got to go, but you got to hit him hard. This is – we can’t – you got to hit harder than that. You’re not going to beat Kelly by talking about Biden. You can’t hit Kelly by talking about Biden. I mean not Kelly.

BRNOVICH: I agree. Mark Kelly votes with Joe Biden 98 percent of the time, or Chuck Schumer. Even Chuck Schumer’s wife doesn’t agree with him 98 percent of the time. So well, Mark Kelly and I’m the guy that can articulate and defend our values. I’m a fighter, always have been, always will be. Thank you.

INGRAHAM: This bill is a complete disaster. And Patrick and Mark, your citizens in both of your states have to understand exactly what this is going to do. It’s going to drive down their prosperity, make their lives more dangerous and make us less free as citizens. They got to know that.

MORRISEY: And Laura–

INGRAHAM: Republicans got to go coast-to-coast. We got to go. We got to go. Gentlemen, thank you.

And speaking of bad government actors, the Biden administration has a new way to get around that pesky First Amendment.


VIVEK MURTHY, U.S. SURGEON GENERAL: We live in a world where misinformation poses an imminent and insidious threat to our nation’s health.

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: We’ve increased disinformation research and tracking within the Surgeon General’s office. We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.


INGRAHAM: How refreshing that they’re saying this right out in the open now. Joining me now, Matt Walsh, host of the “Matt Walsh Show”. Matt, there’s a political – a word for this political system, which the government controls corporate actions, and they’re trying to tell us that this is just this – we don’t control the big tech companies. What does this tell you?

MATT WALSH, HOST, “THE MATT WALSH SHOW”: Yes. I like that Jen Psaki just threw that in there. They are like, yes, we’re working with Facebook. Like, hold on a second, what do you mean you’re working with Facebook? They’re supposed to be a private company.

And for the Surgeon General to be talking as he did today about how we’re going to label misinformation as some sort of public health threat. Well, what that means is we’re going to label speech as a physical threat. I thought it was interesting that the Surgeon General said that he was talking about misinformation. He said, well, there’s misinformation, for example, that made people resistant to masks.

Well, hold on a second. The Surgeon General’s office was the one who said a year a year ago, we shouldn’t wear masks. Fauci said a year ago, we should wear masks. This just shows you the problem that a year ago if you had said, let’s wear masks, that’s labeled misinformation. Now you say the opposite, and that’s a misinformation. Because the government, they are the scientific authorities and whatever they say is now the scientific truth, apparently.

INGRAHAM: Now, you mentioned the Surgeon General, let’s let the folks hear more from this bright light.


MURTHY: They can identify people who are super spreaders of misinformation and limit the information that they share. And number two, they can take the data that they have that tells us how much misinformation is really spreading, who it’s affecting. They can share that publicly and transparently with researchers.


INGRAHAM: Matt, publicly and transparently. I got to tell you, I think they are killing the push for the vaccine with these types of heavy handed tactics. I think it’s making people more skeptical, not less.

WALSH: Yes. Well, I think in general with the vaccine, the thing is that everybody in the country knows that the vaccine is out there. They know all the basic facts about it. They know that they can go get it if they want to.


WALSH: So I tend to respect people’s intelligence. And I tend to think that, number one, whether you get the vaccine or not, none of my business. It’s your decision. Number two, if you’ve decided not to get it, you have your reasons and that’s it. So there’s probably not a lot that can be said to change your mind. You could bring Olivia Rodrigo up, or a pop star up there, maybe there’ll be someone who said, you know what, I wasn’t sure about the vaccine. But now that Olivia Rodrigo said something, I think I’ll do it. Maybe that’ll happen. I doubt it.

But I agree with you, if you are going to convince anyone, these sorts of tactics aren’t going to do it, because it just makes it seem like you’ve got something to hide. Number one. And number two, why do you have to force it on us like this if it’s really a good idea to begin with? Why can’t you just give us the facts?

INGRAHAM: Maybe they should. And I think they should just open a bureau of disinformation. They should just have – they should just actually institutionalize their fact-checking at the White House through big tech. Let’s not go through the formality of saying you’re working, but just do it yourselves at this point. Matt, thank you.

And we have documented the many failures and corrupt acts of the modern FBI, but what we’re going to tell you next is among the most shocking. Plus, while he claims to crack down on domestic terrorists, we’re going to tell you how Joe Biden is pushing to include one in his administration. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: In the last few years, the FBI spied on an American presidential campaign, falsified Pfizer requests, and had agents so concerned about the legality of their Trump investigation that they purchased their own liability insurance. Well tonight, we can add to this dark sad tale. Another recent story.

According to the IndyStar and the handling of the 2015 allegations against USA Gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar, “Officials with the Indi FBI office made false statements, failed to respond for months leading to more than 100 other gymnasts being sexually abused.”

So not only did they botch the investigation, they covered it up, and then no one was punished. Does any of that sound familiar? Well, victims of this complete negligence are speaking out.


RACHAEL DENHOLLANDER, NASSAR ABUSE SURVIVOR: What are we not seeing and what needs to change, so that there is accountability and transparency and consequences for bad actors in our law enforcement? Right now, they have all of the authority and none of the accountability.

LARISSA BOYCE, FORMER MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY GYMNAST: I believe that criminal charges need to be filed against them and criminal investigation should happen.


INGRAHAM: Joining me now, Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at the Federalist, Fox News contributor. Mollie, now, this is the senate need to start really digging into what’s been going on at the FBI over the last, I don’t know, how long? 20 years, 30 years, but at least the last 10 years. This is just ridiculous at this point.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, SENIOR EDITOR, THE FEDERALIST: We have a real problem. I mean, this particular situation where they botched the investigation, then they lied about botching the investigation, and then it turns out that nobody’s being held accountable for either of those things, is part of this pattern that we’ve seen over and over again, where not everybody at the FBI, but far too many people are involved in botching investigations, or being engaged in just really awful behavior, such as spying on a campaign or leaking lies about Russia colluding with Donald Trump to steal the 2016 election and leaking those things for years. Nobody’s been held accountable for those criminal leaks. Nobody’s been held accountable for having like no thought whatsoever behind their investigation that made sense. And if no one’s held accountable, it’s just going to continue.

So of course, yes, those people who are charged with oversight should absolutely be having hearings and finding out what’s going on. And also, reforming this agency, since it has so many problems, including they’re afraid to go after anybody on the left, no matter how many, hundreds of riots, deadly riots and problems in cities, nationwide, while doing this really disparate treatment with the single riot on January 6. This is something where people absolutely need to be held accountable.

INGRAHAM: Mollie, I want to touch on something that I mentioned earlier in the show with Matt Walsh about this campaign being led by the Surgeon General of the United States with big tech to police. What they’re saying is misinformation on COVID, I guess specifically the vaccine. And they’re going to be working with big tech, doesn’t this play right into the hands of Donald Trump’s lawsuit to hold these tech companies accountable? I mean, they’re obviously the proxies for the federal government on the – that’s just another government failure since we’re on the topic of government failures and recklessness.

HEMINGWAY: There’s so much here. I mean, there’s the issue that it’s fascist when corporations work with the government in a totalitarian way for people who claim to be worried about fascism, they should probably be more alarmed. But, of course, should be more alarmed about what they’re seeing with corporations working with the Democratic Party, which runs the entire government to do things. It’s also illegal for the government to ask corporations to do things that are illegal for themselves to do when the government can’t censor – it does not have the right to limit our free speech. They also don’t have the right to tell other people to limit our free speech.

And these are problems that you’re seeing also in intelligence agencies, where they are asking corporations to do some of the spine, to do some of the information gathering that they themselves are not allowed to do. This type of collusion between the Democratic Party, those institutions they control and corporations, is terrifying. It’s out of – straight out of a dystopic book from decades ago. But it’s what’s happening right now.

And because the main people they’re targeting are on the right, people on the left who used to care about these things are just AWOL completely in this fight. And that’s very dangerous.

INGRAHAM: Yes. The Biden administration’s recommendation for big tech included “Impose clear consequences for accounts that repeatedly violate platform policies.” Mollie, I mean, why is it the government telling Facebook and all these other and Twitter and so forth, how to police their policies yet? And their defense is going to be, Oh, well, we’re not we’re not censoring anyone. I think they’ve bought themselves a huge amount of trouble. I think this is about to blow up in their faces. They’re not thinking this strategy through at all.

HEMINGWAY: It’s extremely un-American. Most people know that. And it is – it’s everyone’s – it’s happening in clear sight. You’re seeing the Democratic leaders telling corporations what to do in terms of censoring speech. It’s also an indication though that a lot of the people in power don’t feel very strong. They’re telling people what to think, they’re telling them what to say. And people aren’t succumbing to the commands from these elites. And so they are trying to exert more and more control. And as they do that, that actually can be an indication of their weakness even if it’s terrifying to live through until finally some people stand up and do something to stop this oppression that’s happening from the government and these corporations working with the government.

INGRAHAM: Yes, and as you pointed out, Mollie, so much of the misinformation, whether it’s the lethality of the virus to kids or whether they’re super-spreaders in schools, so much of that disinformation had come from Fauci and company. So they’re the ones — they should be policing Fauci. Maybe the surgeon general can start policing Anthony Fauci, add him to the list of individuals they need to monitor. This is insane.

HEMINGWAY: You actually look at the surgeon general’s own social media over the course of the last year-and-a-half has itself has not been consistent. They themselves, if they were to follow this policy would have to be censored for repeatedly misinforming people. The better thing, though, is information corrects information. Free debate is what we have always loved in this country. That’s what free people do, and they can convince each other through the strength of the argument, not through the boot of the government working with corporations to silence political opposition.

INGRAHAM: So we’ve got the $3.5 trillion bill, which is an attack on free enterprise, oil and gas and so forth, and now we have free thought being policed. We had free exercise of religion under assault during the pandemic. And then we have the FBI and all these other institutions that can’t do their job, Mollie, or they botch investigations, as you pointed out with Nasser. Unbelievable. Mollie, great to see you, thank you so much.

And the Biden administration has made a big show of going after those domestic extremists that Mollie was talking about, they are lurking in the shadows. So imagine our surprise when he seeks to elevate one into his own administration. FOX’s own Trace Gallagher has the story from our west coast newsroom. Trace, what is this about?

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Laura, Tracy Stone-Manning is President Biden’s pick to head the Bureau of Land Management. When she was a graduate student back in 1989, Stone-Manning was a member of the environmental group Earth First and was linked to an eco-terrorism case of tree spiking in Idaho’s Clearwater Forest. Tree spiking is where you hammer a metal rod into a tree to protect it from being cut down. Tree spikes can also break or shatter saw blades, putting loggers in grave danger.

Stone-Manning was investigated in the case, but struck an immunity deal with the government and testified against two men who were later convicted. Stone-Manning now tells the Senate Energy Committee that she had no prior knowledge of the tree spiking plot, and several media outlets bought it. In fact, because so many stories represented Stone-Manning as a bystander or a victim, retired forest service investigator Michael Merkley who led the case wrote a letter to the Senate committee calling Stone-Manning the, quote, “nastiest of suspects,” saying “She wasn’t just a member of the Earth First, she was part of the hierarchy,” adding, quoting here, “She was vulgar, antagonistic, and extremely antigovernment. She was very uncooperative and refused to provide the hair, handwriting exemplars, and fingerprints as ordered by the federal grand jury.” Former investigator Merkley ended by saying he eventually learned that Stone-Manning knew all along who committed the tree spiking crime.

Now GOP Senator John Barrasso, the ranking member on the Energy Committee, says he believes Stone-Manning lied to the committee and that President Biden should withdraw her nomination, which apparently is not going to happen because, despite the former investigator’s letter, the White House is sticking by Stone-Manning, saying she is, quote, “exceptionally qualified.” We should note Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who could be the deciding vote, has not yet revealed which way he’s leaning, but he calls Stone-Manning a good person. Laura?

INGRAHAM: The ultimate Washington power broker. Trace, thank you.

And coming up, why Mitt Romney should be very embarrassed tonight. Plus if you thought Hunter was bad, wait until you hear how the rest of the Biden family is cashing in on the family name. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: Remember when Mitt Romney was earnestly establishing his street cred during that freedom march through BLM Plaza last summer?


SEN. MITT ROMNEY, (R-UT): It’s a way to end violence and brutality and to make sure people understand that Black Lives Matter.


INGRAHAM: That was so tragic. Or do you remember when major companies Coca- Cola, Ben & Jerry’s were crawling over each other to voice their own support for the group?


JAMES QUINCEY, CHAIRMAN AND CEO, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY: Companies like ours must speak up as allies to the Black Lives Matter movement.

MARC LASRY: I ended up joining the team and about 5,000 people in Milwaukee where we ended up marching to support Black Lives Matter.

MATTHEW MCCARTHY, BEN AND JERRY’S CEO: We were on record back in 2016 supporting Black Lives Matter.


INGRAHAM: Bragging about your support for BLM since 2016, which is what he just did, not a good look, because back then the group tweeted “Rest in power” when Cuban dictator Fidel Castro bit the dust. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Black Lives Matter used a statement about the riots in Cuba to bash the U.S. and to stand up for the repressive regime there.

They wrote “The people of Cuba are being punished by the U.S. government, and Black Lives Matter condemns the federal government’s inhumane treatment of Cubans.” What?

Joining us now, Florida Congressman Byron Donalds. Congressman, BLM was always a Marxist extortion racket. So do you expect Romney or these woke corporations to walk back their moments on bended knee for them?

REP. BYRON DONALDS, (R-FL): They should, but I don’t expect it. And the reason why I don’t expect it is because too many of these corporations and, frankly, too many moderate, weak-kneed Republicans cower in the face of these radical Marxists. And the evidence is clear. Our companies in the United States should be standing against the Cuban regime because they should stand up for liberty and freedom, the same liberty and freedom that has allowed them to make billions of dollars in our country without anybody batting and eye or, frankly, caring, and actually with our country promoting the fact that they are so successful.

People like senator Romney should be calling out BLM for not standing with the Cuban people as opposed to what they have done, calling out our country for holding that murderous, totalitarian, communist regime accountable, and they should be held accountable.

INGRAHAM: Now, one of the most — I believe she is one of the most wanted women in the United States has been sheltered by the Cuban government for years now. That’s Assata Shakur. She’s a one-time leader in that Black Liberation Army. Here’s what Black Lives Matter had to say about her today. “Cuba has historically demonstrated solidarity with oppressed peoples of African descent, from protecting black revolutionaries like Assata Shakur through granting her asylum, to supporting Black liberation struggles.”

Congressman, this is a convicted cop killer who fled the country that Black Lives Matter and all these CEOs and Mitt Romney marched with celebrated. This is so revealing right now for all of us, for the country, for everybody watching who believes that black people need proper representation and equal rights, of course, but to watch this unfold, I think it’s actually great. It’s revealing.

DONALDS: It is actually disgraceful. The American people need to understand one thing. A lot of these are radical political front groups that exist in the United States that constantly push a divisive agenda and narrative in our country. They are Marxist organizations. The leaders come from Marxist ideology. And that ideology walks hand-in-hand with the authoritarian, Cuban regime in that country that has basically taken away the freedom and liberty from the Cuban people for 62 years.

And so for those organizations that continue to push that agenda, at least be 100 percent with the American people and let them know where your true political allegiance and loyalty lies. It does not lie with freedom in the United States. It lies with totalitarianism around the world.

INGRAHAM: As long as those nations are anti-American, the left is going to celebrate them, right? They don’t care about free expression or any of those ideas. It’s they’re anti-American, and they are against the American traditional order. And so that’s why the left is aligning with them. Just like Jane Fonda did with the North Vietnamese or celebrating the Soviet Union in the 70s, and even into the 80s, and the love affair with Castro, it’s all of the piece among those on the left, is it not?

DONALDS: Totally true, and I just want these people on that side of the political aisle to understand that if they actually wanted to be one of these groups in a country like Cuba or Iran or China, they wouldn’t have the freedoms to speak against the country that they actually live in. They would be arrested, they would be detained, they would be brutalized, they would be incarcerated, they would not be allowed to speak so freely like they are allowed to here in the United States.

And so let’s be very clear, they should be free to speak whatever they want to say, but if you’re going to try to put America on the same plane as the totalitarian communist Cuban government, then that means you have no idea of the true moral fight that is going on in Cuba, and not just in Cuba, quite frankly, but around the world.

INGRAHAM: That’s all right, Congressman, because the U.N. is going to come in and lecture us on racism at the State Department. So the U.N. is going to set us straight, so we are going to be fine after the Blinken approved investigation, which is another scandal. Congressman, thank you.

And ahead, why Hunter Biden is just the tip of the iceberg in that twisted saga of the Biden family self-enrichment scheme, and what House Republicans plan to do about it, finally. Stay there.



STEVEN FABIAN, CORRESPONDENT, “INSIDE EDITION”: Hunter Biden’s artwork is on display at this gallery in New York’s trendy Soho neighborhood, where it’s being reported that some of his pieces could sell for up to a whopping half-a-million dollars.


INGRAHAM: That’s quite the price tag unless your last name is Biden. Hunter isn’t the only Biden, though, benefiting from Joe being in the White House. His brother Frank and sister Valerie are reportedly also cashing out.

Joining me now is Congressman Jim Comer, ranking member of the House Oversight Committee. Congressman, you sent a letter to the White House demanding all the documents about all of this. What can you tell us about Biden’s siblings in addition to everything else we already know?

REP. JIM COMER, (R-KY): No objective American would think any of these deals pass the smell test. We all know about Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine, but here recently his brother is doing TV ads for a law firm, but he’s not a lawyer. His sister is writing a book, but she’s not an author. And now we find out that Hunter’s new side gig is he is an artist selling art that looks to me like something you would see on the bargain shelf at T.J. Maxx for prices as high as $500,000 to undisclosed donors. So the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have requested information from the White House about all these transactions, specifically Hunter Biden’s and who exactly is purchasing this artwork at such inflated prices.

INGRAHAM: We all know how it goes, right, Congressman. So someone calls up the gallery and says I want to buy this, $200,000. And then they call up Hunter Biden, maybe they know him, and they say Hunter, I like your painting. It was kind of expensive at $200,000, then leaves it at that. Then maybe a couple months later, Hunter I got this thing going on in West Virginia. I would love to meet with some folks at the White House, can you help me out? That’s how it will go, right, something like that?

COMER: Something like that. And the White House tried to defend that by saying that Hunter Biden has a right to pursue his dreams, and I agree with that. He has a right to pursue his dreams, even though the Democrats didn’t think the Trump children had a right to pursue their business interests that they started decades before Donald Trump ever thought about getting into politics.

But the problem with what Hunter Biden is doing is there are so many questions as to potential conflicts of interests. Are these government contractors that are purchasing this art? Is this communist China purchasing this art? The American people deserve to know.

And the president has ethical standards that they are supposed to abide by. You’re not supposed to profit from being in the White House and when you look at Joe Biden’s family, this is a pattern, a pattern of these siblings and his son trying to profit from his last name dating back to when he was vice president.

INGRAHAM: We know that Jared and Ivanka lost a lot of money when they went into work for the government too, by one account, $36 million drop in income. Obviously, some of the hotels had some problems even before COVID because of all the boycotts and so forth. So they were losing money, and then the Bidens get rich while their dad is in office. It reminds me of the Clinton global initiative, and all that we saw there. It’s kind of their version of the Clinton global initiative with a paintbrush, I guess.

COMER: It is. And when you look at the Trumps, they were in business decades before. They were credible business people. The Bidens were not. The fact that Joe Biden’s brother is advertising for a law firm, and he’s not even an attorney. I have a lot of attorney friends in Kentucky that worked for big law firms. They don’t know of any employees advertising on television for the law firm who aren’t attorneys.

And this is something that doesn’t need to happen. We have a lot of questions with respect to why Biden is not standing tougher on China. Why doesn’t the administration want to do investigations into the origination of COVID? But he won’t disclose who these donors are. A lot of people are wondering, is it China?

INGRAHAM: We need full transparency. Yes, full transparency needed. Congressman, thank you.

Coming up, the Last Bite. Don’t go away.


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