Consumers allege price hike of several essential commodities

Consumers alleged that prices of several essential commodities and vegetables in the market are still high.

There is a shortage of milk powder throughout the island, and issues have arisen regarding domestic gas in recent days.

However, State Minister for Consumer Protection Lasantha Alagiyawanna stated that immediate action will be taken to control the rising prices of essential food items including rice, vegetables, sugar, and milk powder.

The State Minister stated to Hiru News team that measures required to control prices are already being implemented.

Meanwhile, Hiru Correspondents stated that the prices of many vegetables were high at the economic centres opened today for wholesale trade.

The wholesale price of a kilogram of some upcountry vegetables was over Rs. 220 and the traders alleged that it was not possible to take the vegetables and sell them at that price.

Meanwhile, Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute stated that the withdrawal of farmers from cultivation due to the prevailing conditions has also contributed to the increase in vegetable prices.

Meanwhile, B.K. Ranjith, President of All Ceylon Paddy Mill Owners’ Association, stated to Hiru News team that the increase in rice prices was due to the government not introducing practically feasible guaranteed prices for paddy and rice.

All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association has taken steps to increase the prices of bakery products including bread and cakes with effect from 23 August.

The State Minister further stated that steps are being taken to provide a solution next week to control the increase in sugar prices in the market.

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