'Ingraham Angle' on the worst week of the Biden presidency

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KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS HOST: I’m Katie Pavlich in for Laura Ingraham. And this is a special edition of the “Ingraham Angle” from Washington, D.C. 

President Biden doesn’t want to talk about the Americans who left stranded in Afghanistan and the media is right behind him. Congressmen Mike Waltz and Ronny Jackson exposed the left’s attempts to turn the page on the disastrous withdrawal. 

Plus, U.S. officials investigating disturbing reports that the evacuation was exploited by child sex traffickers, veteran and congressional candidate Joe Kent’s response. And if he thought the left’s reaction to Texas anti- abortion law was insane, wait until you hear what they’re saying now. 

Horace Cooper and Allie Beth Stuckey are here on that. 

Also ahead, why is the ACLU endorsing vaccine mandates? Harmeet Dhillon will explain.

But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember when old Joe was running for president. If he was elected, they said, there was nothing he couldn’t accomplish. He’d crush the virus, revitalize the economy, fix the climate and restore America’s prestige on the world stage. It would be a new golden era. 


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Restoring America’s leadership on the world stage. I sought this office to restore the soul of America, to rebuild the backbone of this nation, the middle class, and to make America respected around the world again.

I’m sending a clear message to the world. America is back. 


PAVLICH: Does America feel back yet? Despite the Trump administration handing Biden the code vaccine, kids are starting to – starting yet another school year masked and distanced. And when Biden took office, the vaccine was supposed to be our ticket to freedom. But now it’s being used by team apocalypse to keep us locked down and afraid of the very air we breathe. 

COVID is endemic in our society. Now, it’s time to learn to live with it and get back to our cherished freedoms. This formula of fear and loathing is hurting our economy. And speaking of which, Biden’s policies aren’t flattening the curve, but flattening our economy instead. 

This morning brought yet another abysmal jobs report as in half a million jobs below expectations. Abysmal. 


BECKY QUICK, CO-HOST OF CNBC’S SQUAWK BOX: 235,000 versus the 720,000 that was anticipated. That’s a really weak number. It’s just terrible news for what it means for the real economy. 

STEVE LIESMAN, CNBC’S SENIOR ECONOMICS REPORTER: Well, you can drive a truck of about a half a million workers through that gap right there, Becky.

CHRIS CILLIZZA, CNN POLITICS REPORTER: Uncertainty means worry when we talk about the economy, Kaitlan, and I think there’s uncertainty.


Even the whisper numbers of a disappointment were 400,000 or 500,000. So this is a disappointment. 


PAVLICH: And if you thought the buck stopped with Biden, well, you’d be wrong. He and the media are shifting the blame. 


BIDEN: There’s no question that Delta variant is why today’s job report isn’t stronger. 

ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC HOST: The clearest indication yet that the Delta variant is slowing the economic recovery. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A new worries, the coronavirus Delta variant is choking the U.S. economy.

KAITLAN COLLINS, CNN HOST: Showing just how much the Delta variant is weighing down the economic recovery. 


PAVLICH: When was the last time a president had a week this bad? Remember, it started with Biden abandoning hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan. Days later, it still doesn’t sound like they have a plan to get them out. 


ANTHONY BLINKEN, SECRETARY OF STATE: We’ve assigned case management teams to each remaining American citizen who’s expressed an interest in leaving. 

There are a lot of extremely complex logistical issues to address and coordinate. We’re working through them as quickly and as methodically as we possibly can. 


PAVLICH: Add it all up and you can see why Lunchbox Joe’s approval is in a tailspin. The latest NPR/Marist poll had him in just 43 percent approval. 

And likewise, the new ABC News Washington Post poll pegged his approval at

44 percent. And of course, none of this is surprising to viewers of this show. Laura predicted the Biden administration would have much (inaudible) long ago. 


LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: They’re going to lose our economy. Biden’s decision would mean severe damage to the American economy. Biden doesn’t even bother trying to argue that he’s going to raise your standard of living, because he won’t. 

If you’re one of the 450,000 Americans with a new manufacturing job, your future will be far from certain under Biden. 


PAVLICH: She was right. Well, what’s the upside? 2022 is around the corner and unless Biden turned things around, it’ll be a reckoning for Democrats. 

Joining me now is Charlie Hurt, Washington Times opinion editor and Fox News contributor; Sean Duffy, former congressman and Fox News contributor; and Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager and MAGA Super PAC chair. Welcome, gentlemen. Happy Friday night. 

So Charlie, we’ll start with you. How can Biden even start to turn this around after this horrific week? 

CHARLIE HURT, WASHINGTON TIMES OPINION EDITOR: Lord, I have no idea how it’s possible to turn this around at this point. You know it’s a bad – you know it’s really, really bad couple of weeks when last week Joe Biden was claiming that Afghanistan wasn’t going to be Saigon, and today he’s claiming that the storm down in New Orleans, it’s not Katrina. 

I don’t – and I – there’s no doubt, of course, that the media is going to do everything they can to try to sort of cover for him just the same way that they cover for him during the – during his non campaign last year for the presidency. 

But the problem is the images that we have all seen, the images of him crouching at the lectern in the fetal position, unable to answer basic questions about Afghanistan, the images that we’ve seen of $90 billion worth of American weapons used to protect our freedom given to our death enemies, that’s not going to go out of people’s minds anytime soon. And they can – and the media can do whatever they want to do to try to pop him back up and to save him. They won’t be able to. 

PAVLICH: That’s absolutely true. And one thing that’s also on the top of people’s minds is, of course, the economy. And President Biden today has been deflecting from his abysmal jobs report by mocking, of course, his predecessor. Listen.


BIDEN: There have been so many records the stock market has hit under my presidency. Imagine, the other guy was here. We’re doing great. It’s wonderful. The stock market is surging. It’s gone up higher under me than anybody. But that doesn’t – that doesn’t mean that it’s the best for the economy. 


PAVLICH: So Cory, one of many big differences is that President Trump could actually point to record breaking stocks and record low unemployment. And that’s not the picture here with President Biden. 


And remember, under the Trump administration, before the COVID variant hit us or the COVID vaccine hit us, we had more people working in America than at any time in our nation’s history. 

What does Joe Biden do? He had the opportunity to keep our borders closed. 

All they had to do is follow the Trump policies. He had the opportunity to make sure our economy was booming by following the Trump policies. And he reversed all the great work that President Trump did. And we’re now seeing that. And finally, the polls are reflecting that with Joe Biden’s approval numbers finally underwater and it’s going to continue to get worse. 

The miss today of the economic downturn, they’re blaming on the COVID variant. The truth is, Joe Biden wants to pay people to stay home when they should be working. Small businesses are being crushed by – over government regulation. And if this was the Trump administration, businesses would be booming again. 

PAVLICH: Yes. Former congressman Duffy, what do you have to say about that? 

Because you have seen Congress pass his massive relief bill saying that they were going to help the country recover from COVID-19, that this would give people the ability to move forward and juice up the economy. And actually, we’ve seen the exact opposite. 

SEAN DUFFY, BGR GROUOP SENIOR COUNSEL: Yes. Exactly. Sort to Corey’s point, we didn’t have inflation during the Trump years. I mean, we were less than

2 percent. But we saw wages rising, because there’s more opportunity for more people. If your company didn’t pay you enough, you’d get on the street and get a job from someone else who would pay you more. That’s what you want to see in your economy. 

We see wages rising now, but we also see inflation. So your – the raise doesn’t buy you thing any more at the grocery store. It’s a failure of all this massive spending to your point. But I think it’s fascinating, Katie, that you listen to Joe Biden and he indicated with these horrible job numbers that his plan is working. I don’t understand how his plan is working when the lowest estimate was 300,000. That was the lowest estimate. 

The highest was $1 million, and you hit 235,000 in job growth for last month. That’s horrible. 

But also in Afghanistan. He says, it’s a success. And I think back to that phone call that he had with the Afghan President Ghani when he said, it’s all about perception, whether it’s true or not, it’s about the perception. 

Joe Biden is going to the microphone and trying to drive perception, regardless of the reality which every American can see on their TV screens of what happened in Afghanistan, what they see in the economy, in COVID, in the border. It’s been a disaster. Go to the mountaintop and look at all Joe Biden’s policies, and they are disasters. There’s no successes anywhere. 

The one thing they could do is they could pass infrastructure. But they won’t pass infrastructure unless they get the $3.5 trillion Green New Deal massive spending bill. So I don’t get where they are going. To your first question, [ph] fire the advisors, Joe, and cash in the woke liberal policies. And as Corey said, (inaudible) little bit of Donald Trump and you’ll see great success. 

PAVLICH: Yes. So Charlie, it’s – politicians like to lecture Americans when things are going very poorly for them that they should just feel differently about what’s happening with their wallets, right. 

But a bigger problem that we’re having now is that the Biden administration is still trying to push through this $3.5 trillion, “infrastructure plan”, which really has a lot of Green New Deal goodies in it. And this week, we saw that Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, he’s not on board with passing that much in terms of the spending. 

HURT: Yes. And obviously, that letter from Joe Manchin is maybe, a glimmer of hope that there – some sanity might return to Congress. But I’m telling you, when you have politicians, when you have Democrats as desperate as they are right now, they’re going to go for broke. They realize they’ve got one shot. They’ve got about, what, 14, 16 months to get something done now, and they will stop at nothing to get it done. 

So anybody who thinks that just because Joe Biden has had the worst – the worst two weeks in the history of modern presidencies, anybody who thinks that that means that they’re not going to get their agenda through? I think quite the opposite. I think they’re going to double down. It’s going to force them to come – to reach some sort of compromise among Democrats. 

That’s not going to be good for the American people. 

PAVLICH: Yes. I want to follow up on that point, Corey. You know, we have seen Democrats trying to do everything they can with the power that they have in this very short period of time. And we’re hearing now, of course, that we need to get rid of the filibuster again. They’re trying to go after Democratic senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin and really push through their agenda. What do you – how do you see that playing out with this little time they have left?

LEWANDOWSKI: We shouldn’t be surprised. They told us this is going into Election Day exactly what they were going to do. They went to mortgage our children, our grandchildren’s future. They want to pass massive tax increases. That’s exactly what they’re doing. Then we’re going to get rid of the filibuster. 

Because, look, the truth is, when Mitch McConnell was running the U.S. 

Senate, he was too collegial. He was always trying to be nice to the other side and not getting things done. We candidly squandered the first two years of the Trump administration with Republicans in the majority, because we couldn’t get our acts together. The Democrats are tougher. They’re tougher on their members. They’re going to hold them together. And they’re going to get their far left progressive agenda through Congress, because they have the support of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden completely unified with the far left progressives. 

And those moderates, like Manchin and Sinema, they’re going to be pushed by the wayside. They’ll get something special in a package and they’ll end up voting for it, because that’s what the Democrats always end up doing. They stick together. 

PAVLICH: Yes. I want to turn back now to President Biden’s Afghanistan failure. Today, the Secretary of State Tony Blinken laid out his expectations for a new Taliban government. Listen to this, and I’ll get your reaction.


BLINKEN: there is an expectation that any government that emerges now will have some real inclusivity. More important still is what any government does. The expectation is to see inclusivity in government. But ultimately, the expectation is to see a government that makes good on commitments that the Taliban have made. 


PAVLICH: Sean, they’ve set the bar extremely low, especially when it comes to terrorist organizations that don’t allow women out of the house. 

DUFFY: These are our expectations. Has he not watched the last 20, 30 years of the Taliban? The Taliban is the Taliban. They’re not going to change their ways because Blinken expects them to change their ways. And by the way, there was no vote in Afghanistan, and the Taliban one they took over Afghanistan by brutal force. 

So they’re not going to listen to anybody in the world. They’re radical Islamist. They’re going to continue with radical Islamic Sharia law in Afghanistan. They don’t care what Blinken says. They’re parading American caskets with American flags over through the parade routes in Afghanistan. 

They say China’s their best friend. This is a joke. And frankly, he should be embarrassed to say he has any expectation of the Taliban as they takeover Afghanistan after Biden’s failed policies. 

PAVLICH: Charlie, you have been shaking your head. I have to get you back in here. 

HURT: No, it’s just incredible. I mean, they are making fools out of all of us. And it’s all Joe Biden’s fault. And the idea that they think that they’re going to get a new Taliban here is just – it’s unicorns and fairy dust. It’s absolutely insane. 

PAVLICH: Yes. It seems now the only difference between the old Taliban and new Taliban is that they have better propaganda now and it certainly seems to be working on the States. 


PAVLICH: Yes. They’ve got Twitter now. Although Donald Trump still doesn’t have Twitter. All right. Charlie, Sean and Corey, thank you very much. 

While the Biden White House is trying to turn the page on Afghanistan, and of course the liberal media is giving them a hand. Veterans and Congressmen Mike Waltz and Ronny Jackson sound off. 

Plus, our evacuation has been exploited by child sex traffickers, according to a new report. Retired Green Beret and Gold Star husband Joe Kent reacts to disturbing reports, up next. 


PAVLICH: President Biden is preparing to spend the Labor Day weekend at his home in Wilmington, Delaware. All while the Americans he abandoned in Afghanistan deal with the constant fear of being rounded up or killed by the Taliban. Of course, he doesn’t want to talk about that terrifying fact and neither does the media. 

In the past week, so-called fact checkers have gone after Donald Trump Jr’s tweets, the Gold Star families who saw Biden check his watch and former President Trump’s math. 

And then there’s the New York Times. Did their front page today have anything on Afghanistan? Well, sure, two tiny blurbs at the very bottom, referring readers to articles on other pages. Neither of those blurbs mentioned stranded Americans. 

And, well, during the Iran hostage crisis regularly like the nightly news coverage and the media created entire – entirely new broadcasts to bring people the latest on the Americans being held hostage. But now, those same networks didn’t even report on the lead to call between Biden and the former president of Afghanistan. They want you to memory hole all of it and forget why Biden’s poll numbers are abysmal. 

And here with me now, we’re not going to forget what happened, we have two GOP congressmen Michael Waltz of Florida and former Green Beret who served in Afghanistan, Ronny Jackson of Texas, a retired Navy Rear Admiral. 

Congressman Waltz, this is where we are. Your thoughts on the progress tonight? 

REP. MICHAEL WALTZ (R-FL): Well, I think, the Biden’s White House Communications Office knew that as soon as they got the soldiers out, it would kind of be like the car wreck that everybody was staring at day after day. And that this disaster would get off the screens and they can move on with their socialist agenda. 

But here’s the reality. We were just on the phone this morning, my office with these Veterans groups that have hundreds of Americans, SIV, even British citizens trapped at borders, and trapped at airports around Afghanistan. They have charter flights paid for and ready to go to get them out. But the State Department will not engage the countries where they’re going to land to get them the landing rights and to get those planes out. 

We’re fighting through our own government to still get these people out. So it’s on us now, Katie. It’s on us. And it’s on these Veterans, grassroots Veterans groups who have stood up to leave no one behind, because this administration has left them behind. And their pals in the mainstream media are perfectly fine to turn the page.

PAVLICH: Congressman Waltz, I want to follow up with you real quickly on that. Because that used to be the American principle and the value that we leave no man behind. You were tasked with going out to find deserter Bowe Bergdahl when you were serving in Afghanistan. So how are you feeling now that you’re watching people who say – worked with you in Afghanistan, our interpreters, our SIVs, who have been left behind in addition of to, of course, hundreds of Americans, when you risked your life and the men that you had in combat to get Bowe Bergdahl back?

WALTZ: And we knew he had deserted at the time, left his gear behind, left his weapon behind, emailed his father denouncing America and deserted, yet we still risked everything to go get him, because we do not leave Americans behind. And we do not let terrorists dictate the term. 

But imagine on top of that, how it feels to see two of the five Guantanamo Bay prisoners that Obama and Biden traded for that traitor Bergdahl are now in charge of the Taliban hunting down our allies and American citizens with our own weapons. It’s outrageous. It is – it’s just beyond the pale and now they’ve left these folks. They’re moved on. He didn’t even mention them today. And it is on us to still get them out. But we will not leave them behind. We will complete this mission. 

PAVLICH: Well, you mentioned the State Department and today Secretary of State Tony Blinken continued the Biden administration’s trend of contradicting basically every stated goal of this evacuation. Take a listen. 


BLINKEN: The airport in Kabul where a tremendous amount of work was done in the last days of the military evacuation operation to make sure that we got and then shared with other countries, the very detailed information necessary for how to get the civilian airport up and running once we left, including even bringing the American contractors back, who’ve been running the airport for 20 years. 


PAVLICH: So congressman Jackson, it sounds a lot like their plan now is for us to go back after they failed to evacuate everybody before leaving. 

REP. RONNY JACKSON (R-TX): Yes, Katie. I don’t know exactly what their plan is. I don’t think they have a plan. I don’t think they had a plan from the beginning. I will tell you, I’ll add one thing to what congressman Waltz said there. I too have people that are at airports right now, constituents, United States citizens with passports that are at airports. They’ve been at the airport for several days now. There are planes on the ground that are contracted planes that are documented and categorized as humanitarian flights ready to go. And they’re manifested on these flights and the flights will not leave. 

My staff had a conversation with the State Department today. And the State Department told my staff that the Taliban will not let these flights take off because they are waiting until their legitimate government is set up and fully in place. And I promise you. One of the conditions of those planes taken off will be that they’re going to force the Biden administration to acknowledge that the Taliban is the legitimate government of Afghanistan. You mark my words, that’s coming down the path. 

They actually are holding these people hostage right now to get what they want out of the United States. It’s shameful and the mainstream media is covering it up like nobody’s business right now. They covered it for a few days. But these polls have come out now. 

It’s the alarm bells for the press to say they’ve got to get back on board. 

They’ve got to start covering up for the Biden administration. They got to help him get his polls back up. They are the communications branch for the White House. They might as well move their headquarters in the ground for the White House as far as I’m concerned right now. 

PAVLICH: Well, Americans who still don’t believe–

WALTZ: And Katie–

PAVLICH: Congressman, go ahead. 

WALTZ: No. And on top of that, they’re going to demand recognition. They’re going to demand access to billions in foreign currency reserves. And right now, the Biden administration – Blinken is already talking about sending humanitarian aid, that’s called a ransom. 

And by the way, the Taliban have been holding a U.S. Navy veteran Mark Frerichs hostage for the last year. And we couldn’t even get him out. So we have handed them leverage on a platter, on a silver platter in the form of hundreds of Americans. This is going to be the biggest hostage crisis since 1979. And it’s on us now to keep getting them out. 

PAVLICH: Well, I’m sure there are a lot of Americans who are grateful to the work that you’re both doing. They are disappointed in the State Department and the Biden administration. And I’m sure those Americans who are trapped there and constituents are very happy that someone is still representing them and working to get them home. Gentlemen, thank you very much.

Well, since this disaster started the “Ingraham Angle” has asked who exactly are the ones being evacuated? Who is coming here and how are they being vetted? Well, disturbing new details are being – are giving us a new idea. The U.S. is now investigating reports that older men were evacuated with young girls who are not their daughters, but girls they claim as their brides who were otherwise sexually abused. And this has been reported as at sites in the UAE and also right here in the United States. 

Documents obtained by the Associated Press revealed, these young girls say they had been raped by the men, they were forced to marry in order to escape Afghanistan. Joining me now is Joe Kent, a retired Green Beret running for Congress in Washington. He’s also a Gold Star husband. 

Joe, this is sickening, disgusting. And also people who question whether this may happen, were told to sit back and be quiet, while the vetting process – the White House told us was guaranteed to work. 

JOE KENT, RETIRED GREEN BERET: Right. It’s completely ridiculous, but par for the course. We were told for the duration of this horrible evacuation that the main priority was to get out Afghans. The intimation there was that these Afghans were a translator soldiers that had risked their lives and fought alongside us. That was the messaging coming from the Biden administration. And if we questioned it, like you said, we were called xenophobic and all kinds of other horrible things. 

But the problem is that created this culture from the top level down that made the priority opening up our aircraft and getting as many Afghans, regardless of who they were onto these airplanes and flown out. So we could

– so that the State Department could brag about the massive amount of numbers that they uplifted. 

You just heard the Secretary of Defense did that a few days ago. Well, it turns out that we were not doing any screening as anyone who’s ever experienced a process like this could tell from the work on the ground. 

But what I want to point to call people’s attention to is that we lost 13 U.S. troops right now, because of this horrible operation. They were pushed out into that crowd because of the culture coming from the top ranks of the Biden administration that we had to get out of sheer number of Afghans. We lost 13 great, brave Americans, because the basic safety protocols were foregone just to get these Afghans on the plane. And now we find out that we’re bringing in child molesters and probably potentially terrorists. We don’t know who we have, because we failed to screen them. 

PAVLICH: Well, we’re also finding out now that thousands of Afghans who had SIVs, who were interpreters because there was a chaotic process didn’t get those flights – on those planes with the time ticking down. 

I want to take a look. You mentioned the top ranks of how DHS secretary Mayorkas spun the screening process today. Take a listen. And then we’ll get your take on other side. 


ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS, UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF HOMELAND SECURITY: The federal government has established a robust screening and vetting architecture with the dual goals of protecting the homeland and providing protections for vulnerable Afghans. We undertake quality control checks at every step of the travel process, including while the individuals are in route and before deplaning. 


PAVLICH: So here’s that word, robust. I hope that’s the case. But what we’ve seen so far, that isn’t the case. NBC News reports that “Of more than

30,000 evacuees from Afghanistan to the U.S., about 10,000 needed additional screening as of Friday.” 

So Joe, do you have any faith that he can manage this refugee crisis, especially given how he’s handled the border? 

KENT: I have no faith whatsoever. As you pointed out, the way the Biden administration has handled the border crisis makes them completely and totally uncredible. It seems like the entire goal of this is just to bring more unvetted refugees and illegal immigrants, essentially into the heartland of America. That’s what they’re doing by opening up these military bases. 

I’ve worked heavily on this SIV process before when we are getting out of Iraq. It takes a good deal of time. You cannot work in the sheer volume that we’re working in right now. And the bottom line is we shouldn’t have brought all these people out of region. They should have been sent up to the Panjshir to fight against the Taliban, to fight for their actual country. Just because you serve in an American funded unit overseas that does not buy you an automatic golden ticket to the U.S. heartland. We are over there to help those people and we did help those people. Lots of things went wrong. I could talk about that for days probably. 

However, the people that we have a commitment to to get out, there is not that many. It’s the interpreters. It’s some of the intelligence sources. 

That’s the bottom line. And we should have identified those people a long time ago. That shows that the military had no serious plans to actually evacuate Afghanistan. And that shows that really the Biden administration only cares about having this eyewash, this great statistic that they saved all these Afghans, but the end result will just be another 100,000 or so refugees that the Democrats can then translate into voters further down the road. That’s the same plan they have down at the southern border.

PAVLICH: Joe, you mentioned fighting for your country. Your of course fought for our country. Your beautiful wife, Shannon Kent, also fought for our country. She was killed in action in Syria in 2019. I just wanted to get your reaction to President Biden checking his watch at Dover Air Base last weekend? 

KENT: It’s an absolute disgrace. It really is. The commander-in-chief’s job, he is the person ultimately at the end of the day that sent troops forward that tragically lose their lives. He has one small job on that day, and it is to represent a grateful nation, and he failed to do that. 

What I think we really have to call attention to, though, is that Joe Biden is just not all there. He’s clearly declining mentally. This is at the point of being senior abuse. However, Joe Biden has been doing this for so long, he’s been sending young men and women off to die in these conflicts.

He voted for the Iraq war. He voted for additional surges in Afghanistan. 

He was supposed to have us out of Afghanistan as the vice president. And it’s on record that he knew things were going poorly in Afghanistan in 2010 and he wanted us out, and he didn’t act. 

So this is just another day at the office for our permanent ruling class and people like Joe Biden. So it is a complete disgrace. He needs to be impeached for this. 

PAVLICH: Yes, and he lied about it and asked the Afghan president to lie to the American people, too. Joe, thank you. 

The left’s reaction to Texas’s antiabortion law grows more hyperbolic and shrill by the hour. Horace Cooper and Allie Beth Stuckey fire back at the vitriol from the left when we return. 



JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I have been and continue to be a strong supporter of Roe v. Wade, number one. And the most pernicious thing about the Texas law, it sort of creates a vigilante system where people get rewards to go out to — anyway. And it just seems — I know this sounds ridiculous — almost un-American. 


PAVLICH: Un-American? He went on to say after that that he respects the views of others. Really? Why did he characterize the Supreme Court’s decision, which didn’t rule on the merits of the law, and unprecedented assaults on women’s rights? So much for his respect. Biden’s response to the Texas law wasn’t nearly the most overwrought. Listen to what they’re cooking up over at CNN. 


ELIE MYSTAL, “THE NATION” JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: What Biden needs to do is, via executive order, create a federal force of doctors protected, clothed in the protection of the state, send them to Texas to counsel and protect women’s privacy rights. And if they want to provide some medical procedures in the course of protecting people’s constitutional rights, they can do that as well. 


PAVLICH: Joining me now is Horace Cooper, Project 21 co-chairman, and Allie Beth Stuckey, host of the “Relatable” podcast. Allie Beth, let’s start with you. You recently had a baby, and you live in Texas. What’s your reaction to this insane rambling from the left? 

ALLIE BETH STUCKEY, “RELATABLE” PODCAST HOST: Yes, Joe Biden obviously, he doesn’t really know what the law says. That’s why he trailed off as he does when he’s, for example, trying to close out the Declaration of Independence. The guy doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. 

But as far as what CNN is trying to propose, what continually strikes me about all of this is just the rabid passion that some on the people showed toward the elimination of babies. We talk so much about the importance of women’s rights. Another person’s rights are at play here. And I guess Joe Biden, the, quote, devout Catholic has forgotten that, and I think a lot of people who claim to be fighters of social justice and claim to be advocates of compassion on the left have forgotten that too. 

PAVLICH: So Horace, this week when the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about this issue, she essentially made the argument that if you’re a man who is pro-life, you have no say and you shouldn’t have any opinion when it comes to abortion. But the left is totally fine with promoting men who are all for it. 

GOV. ROY COOPER, (D) NORTH CAROLINA: I think it was just the FDA administrator who was explaining that we have to refer to birthing people instead of mothers. But let’s put aside the hostage note reading that we just saw from President Biden. The key concept, the idea of allowing the citizen to be on the lookout to make sure that significant concerns of the community are being met, is a longtime legal concept. In fact, you can go back to the Lincoln administration, and you can see this concept where people were encouraged to go into court, and they got a bounty if they identified fraudulent behavior that was hurting our Civil War effort. We continue on today with the same concept. Far from being un-American, it is central to our operation for good federal government resources altogether. 

PAVLICH: So Allie, whenever the topic of abortion and protecting the rights of unborn children comes up, the left portrays the right as extremists. But if you look at the data, the reality is that women are leading the pro-life movement. And the majority of women do degree with some restrictions on abortions. And yet the left makes it out to seem like all women agree with their perspective of unlimited abortion up until the day of birth, and in the case of the Virginia governor, maybe the day after birth as well. 

STUCKEY: Right, and that’s exactly what’s extreme. It’s not extreme to say that all innocent human beings have a right not to be murdered. What is a very extremist is saying that some human beings based on their size, their development, their location in the womb, for some reason don’t have that right, that they don’t have the most fundamental right to life. That is extremely extreme. That is radical. And I think pro-lifers have to do is always bring it back to life of the baby and the reality, the grotesque reality of what abortion actually is and does. 

PAVLICH: So Horace, real quickly, Joe Biden ran as a moderate. He used to not believe in taxpayers funding abortion. 

COOPER: Absolutely. Absolutely. 

PAVLICH: He now doesn’t believe in the Hyde Amendment. He also changed his perspective this week and says he doesn’t believe that life begins at conception, which is opposite of what we’ve been told by decades by Joe Biden. So it’s not only just an issue of him not knowing the law in Texas, but it’s an issue of him lying to the American people about what his perspective was. 

COOPER: He doesn’t know the law in Texas. He doesn’t understand how the Supreme Court works and how these kinds of cases occur. But more fundamentally, he and others in his administration and on his team don’t believe in the fundamental principle of self-government. You persuade people. There is a reason why so many places all across this land are fighting to protect unborn innocent life, because people are being persuaded. 

It is not the case that this is being imposed by the state legislatures. It is the case that people care about this issue, and they ask their representatives. And the other side, instead of doing any pushback they have no arguments. They have nothing but condemnation. That doesn’t work with self-government. 

PAVLICH: All right, the debate continues. Horace and Allie Beth, thank you very much.

The ACLU is now backing COVID vaccine mandates. Did they forget what civil liberties are? Harmeet Dhillon reacts next. 


PAVLICH: Californians are desperate for relief, but Governor Newsom is now considering imposing statewide vaccine mandates. THE INGRAHAM ANGLE’s Jessica Curry spoke with small business owners who would be hurt the most. 

Here’s what they told you. 


JESSICA CURRY, INGRAHAM ANGLE PRODUCER: Small business owners in Los Angeles have taken hit after hit throughout this pandemic. Bar and restaurant owners that I talked to aren’t sure that they can sustain another blow. 

DAVEED MEIRON, OWNER OF NEW YORK BAGEL CAFE IN LOS ANGELES: Personally, I know 13 stores down the Ventura strip right here all the way to Encino that literally shut down. 

CURRY: In the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles, Daveed Meiron’s New York Bagel Cafe is a staple in the community. He supports local artists, local firefighters, and police officers. But after more than a year of tough COVID restrictions, he may be soon faced with eviction. 

MEIRON: I just got a letter from our landlord that is a writ and a judgment which prompted us to start a GoFundMe camping. We started making payments, we were back for about $60,000. I’d rather put the money into my employees. 

I have a single mom with two kids. I put most of the money, my personal money, into this place so they can keep feeding their children with the hopes that something is going to happen. 

CURRY: Los Angeles bar owner Angela Marsden went last December calling out California’s nonsensical COVID protocols. 

ANGELA MARSDEN, OWNER OF PINEAPPLE HILL SALOON AND GRILL: They shut us down. We cannot survive. My staff can’t survive. 

CURRY: Eight months later, she faces a new problem on the horizon. 

Right now Los Angeles does not have a vaccine mandate for bars and restaurants. What would happen to your business if they were to enforce that? 

MARSDEN: It’s going to devastate the community again. We’re supposed to fire people now that think they have immunity because they have COVID, and we can’t even find people to stay open full hours. I know restaurants that are closing and open less hours because they can’t find staff. And then we are supposed to sheriff and police our community? 

CURRY: What would it mean for your business if tomorrow L.A. implemented a vaccine mandate for employees and for patrons that come into bars and restaurants? 

MEIRON: It would mean shutting down. It would mean being dead. It would mean being dead not by coronavirus, but being dead by our own government that is supposed to support us. 


PAVLICH: And as if vaccine mandates themselves weren’t Orwellian enough, they’re now being backed by the America Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU argues, quote, “Vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties. They protect the most vulnerable among us, people with disabilities and fragile immune systems, children too young to be vaccinated, and communities of color hit hard by the disease.” 

Joining us now is Harmeet Dhillon, CEO of the Center for American Liberty. 

Harmeet, the American civil liberties union doesn’t seem to be protecting civil liberties anymore. 

HARMEET DHILLON, CEO, CENTER FOR AMERICAN LIBERTY: Oh, yes, this has been a development that’s been in the works for several years now. But when you read this op-ed in “The New York Times” by David Cole and his colleagues, their lawyers and head of religious liberties group there at the ACLU, it’s indistinguishable from a statement that Dr. Fauci might put out or that the Chamber of Commerce might put out because it defends the rights to corporations to fire people if they decline to get vaccinated. It defends second-class citizenship for people who decline to get vaccinated. 

And frankly, our country, you look at California, liberal state where I live, over 80 percent of the people have chosen to get vaccinated. So when you look at the history of the country, our civil rights, our Bill of Rights was really written to protect the minority against the tyranny of the majority. And the America Civil Liberties Union used to stand for that all these years until now they are demanding that for the benefit of a majority that already is vaccinated the rest of us, who decide that perhaps we as citizens in their individual choice do not wish to get vaccinated, that we should subvert our individual rights. 

So this is upside down, Katie. This is, frankly, a very disturbing development. The column doesn’t mention the First Amendment, the Equal Protection clause, the Due Process clause, or any of the scrutiny that the courts have built up over the generations here in the United States to protect the rights of minorities, religious minorities, people with medical issues and so forth.

So if this is the new ACLU, people better start shopping for a different organization to protect their individual civil rights, because that’s not the business they’re in anymore. 

PAVLICH: Yes, and just real quickly, in an emergency, as they say, people tend to jump into the mandates thinking they don’t have effects down the road in terms of everything you just mentioned, the First Amendment, other civil liberties. What is the slippery slope here in terms of giving into this pandemic panic for other issues of civil liberties down the road? 

DHILLON: It’s terrifying. The ACLU a few years ago used to be against stopping and frisking people in neighborhoods and asking them for their papers. Now they’re in favor of it. This is what China has been doing for many years. They have social credit scores attached to them. We are now being asked to show apps to be able to shop and eat. What next? Are climate change scores going to be on there, how much electricity I use is going to be an app and I’ll be allowed in or not based on that? So this is endless, and it’s scary. 

PAVLICH: Yes, people have to say stop. Harmeet, thank you. 

Still ahead, just when you thought the left couldn’t get any more shrill, MSNBC’s Joy Reid ups the ante. The Last Bite explains. 


PAVLICH: I give you the most asinine reaction to this week’s pro-life victory. 


JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: Between Republicans who don’t respect the rules and the laws, and are willing to cheat and willing to do whatever it takes, and now the courts being on their side, and there now being a solid majority of them who want to enact hyper rightwing, basically a certain type of evangelical rule over us, which is Taliban-ism, right. 


PAVLICH: And you didn’t you think the media could get any more deranged, Taliban-ism. 

That’s all we have for tonight. I’m Katie Pavlich in for Laura Ingraham. 

Thanks for watching this special edition of THE INGRAHAM ANGLE. I’ll be on the big Sunday and Saturday show at 5:00. See you then. Greg Gutfeld takes it from here. 

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