L&T Mutual Fund uses ‘mangoes' as metaphor in campaign to simplify Flexi-Caps. Watch Video

In a bid to raise awareness regarding flexi-cap funds category, L&T Mutual Fund today launched an unique digital campaign ‘Investing Ke Aam Tarikey’. Using ‘Aam’ (mangoes) as a metaphor, the aim was to explain the characteristics of the category in the most simplest manner. 

Mutual Funds are broadly classified into Equity, Debt and Hybrid. However, between these three categories there are several sub-categories meant for different investment goals. One such category is flexi-cap schemes. “These open-ended dynamic equity schemes investing across large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap stocks. Fund managers can invest in high-growth, small-sized companies to benefit from high growth,” a company release said.  

However, investors have very limited understanding of the category. 

Through a 30 second film, L&T Mutual Fund tries to explain the characteristics of the fund by using the sizes of mangoes, large, mid and small. These funds invests in companies across the market capitalisation spectrum, i.e. large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks.

The video shows two kids are picking out mangoes from the trees and stacking them in their respective baskets. While the boy enjoys filling only large mangoes in his basket claiming they are the best. However, when his ‘Stacked Mango Tower’ (pyramid) falls, he is corrected by the other kid.­­ She draws parallel between filling mangoes in a basket to investment choices in a portfolio. Like how one needs to pick large, mid- size and small mangoes while making a ‘Tower’ (pyramid).

“The objective of the campaign is to simplify, educate and create awareness about the Flexi-cap category in a way that will help investors connect the dots effortlessly,” company said in a release. 

 “Who does not like mangoes?” Kailash Kulkarni, CEO, L&T Mutual Fund said, adding “Our digital campaign is aimed to reach out to investors and raise awareness around Flexi-cap funds as we have observed that the younger fraternity of investors often get confused between the various scheme sub-categories and their investment goals.”

“In this regard, here through storytelling, mangoes are as a catchy metaphor to help investors understand the category of Flexi-cap funds.’’ 

Kulkarni further added, “A Flexi-cap fund, by nature of the fund, aims to offer both value and growth to investors while striking a balance between risk and volatility in a single portfolio. Through this campaign, we aim to serve the dual purpose of educating investors as well as further building the category.” 

The fund house aims to reach out to working professionals (men and women between 21-45 years of age) across geographies through a well-rounded digital campaign including social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube – as well as through the Amazon app, FireTV, on financial news portals and digital contests, the release also said

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