Inside Malema’s retirement plans: I plan to retire at 55 and will lead the EFF for as long as the party needs me

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EFF leader Julius Malema will serve as the party’s president for as long as its members want him in the position. 

Malema, who is the founder of the party and has been at its helm since it was founded in 2013, told the SABC on Tuesday that while he has no plan to stay in politics indefinitely, he will remain EFF president for as long as the party needs him.

He was discussing the party’s manifesto launched last week in the lead-up to the local government elections on November 1. 

“My intention is to leave when I am 55. Remember, I came into this thing when I was nine. I’m not here to stay forever. I want my kids to have a life of their own, I want my family to have a life of their own and for as long as I am where I am, they will always be Julius Malema’s children …” he said.

Malema said he does not subscribe to the Western definition of political term limits.

“If the EFF nominates me to be its president for the third, fourth and fifth time, I will be available until I go to retirement. There is no term limit and I’m not going to be defining terms according to colonial imperialist definitions of terms.”