Things to consider when choosing a day trading simulator

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Day trading in the stock market is one of the quickest ways to make money. However, it requires you to be 100 per cent determined and prepared to take risks. For that reason, if you are looking for a day trading simulator then there are a number of things that you need to consider before buying it. The following aspects will help you in choosing day trading simulator.

1: What is the simulator’s trading platform?

The day trading simulator offers you several trading options. So, it is your responsibility to choose a trading platform that works best for you. This will help in evaluating the performance of each and every trader or investor before taking any further step. You can also test different types of strategies and approaches with this feature – which comes handy – when considering different types of traders.

2: What kind of instruments does it offer?

The US markets operate under US laws and regulations, therefore you should find out whether or not these rules are followed by the stock market simulators as well. You must make yourself familiar with those aspects as it will greatly help you in understanding how those rules are operating.

3: Is it ‘free’ to use?

If you’re thinking of using the day trading simulator on a daily basis, then this aspect will matter the most to you. You can always go for free online stock market simulators that charge no subscription fee. However, they only offer limited features and opportunities. If you want more advanced features, you’ll have to buy new software every time – which is quite expensive as well.

4: Does it allow multiple accounts?

One of the biggest problems with free online stock market simulators is that they only offer one account per user, therefore if you wish to test out different profiles of traders/investors then you must look for multi-account features within the day trading simulator.

5: What is the cost?

The cost of a day trading simulator depends on whether you want to subscribe for free software or not. Remember, if you are thinking of using it daily then it would be wise to pay for it rather than creating a new login every time. However, this depends on how much budget you can afford to spend on buying different types of day trading simulators. Once again, the more advanced the features are within the stock market simulation software – the higher it will cost you.

6: What does technical analysis and fundamental analysis mean?

You need to look into technical analysis and fundamental analysis aspects while considering different types of day trading simulators available in markets today. You must make yourself familiar with these terms – as they play a vital role in determining how and why investors and traders make decisions.

7: What is the upgrade policy?

One of the biggest problems with most day trading simulators is that once you purchase it, you cannot upgrade its features. However, there are still some providers who offer free upgrades to those who have purchased their software.

8: Can I use it on a smartphone as well as a tablet?

You must keep this point in mind while considering different types of day trading simulators available in markets today. It will help you in evaluating different options before buying one for yourself. This can be very beneficial for those users who want to test out their simulation models on the go and from any location without any hassle!

9: How long until I get to try it out?

You should always go for a day trading simulator that offers you some free trial period. This will help in evaluating different features of the product without any sort of hassle or third-party interference. However, the problem with most online stock market simulators is that they have very short demo periods where you can check out their features and performance before making a final decision.

10: How accurate are its reports?

One of the main reasons why people consider day trading simulators is because they want to test out different approaches on historical data provided by them. Therefore, these stock market simulators must have an advanced reporting system within it where traders can check out advanced graphical charts along with other informative reports which are important for them to know the pros and cons of each stock/investment they are considering.


So, if you are also looking for a software that helps you in testing your day trading strategies and offers multiple account features along with free trial periods look no further than the Simulated Day Trading Software.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is being provided solely for educational and marketing purposes and should not be construed as investment or legal advice.

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