Mutual Fund Industry AAUMs touch new high at Rs38.21 lakh cr; SIPs at record high at Rs10,518.53cr

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The Average AUMs and the Net AUMs for Indian Mutual Fund Industry have risen to a record high levels at Rs38.21 lakh crores, and Rs37.33 lakh crores respectively as on October 31, 2021, according to AMFI data.

Mutual Fund AAUMs in the Equity / Growth oriented schemes as also in Hybrid oriented schemes have risen by almost one-third during April 2021 to October 2021 to INR 13.12 lakh crores and INR 4.76 lakh crores respectively as on October 31, 2021 from INR 9.80 lakh crores and INR 3.57 lakh crores respectively as on April 30, 2021.

In the Equity / Growth category, all schemes barring ELSS and Value/Contra schemes, reported positive flows, while in the Hybrid category except for Arbitrage and Hybrid aggressive / balanced, the rest including majorly Balanced Advantage / Dynamic Asset Allocation schemes reported continued wide acceptance.

The Fund of Funds, Index Funds and ETFs too reported positive flows and collectively reported positive flows to the tune of Rs10,758.85 crores as on October 31, 2021.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr N S Venkatesh, Chief Executive, AMFI said: “It is heartening to see investors sticking to making matured choice by opting for schemes that offer prudent mix of debt and equity through Balanced Advantage schemes, Flexi-Cap schemes, and choosing mutual funds as an investment for long term financial planning for their own retirement and children’s welfare. This is quite evident from monthly SIP contribution getting consolidated at record high level at INR 10,518. 53 crores.”

“Net Positive flows during October 2021, in all categories of open-ended Mutual Fund schemes be it Debt, Equity, Hybrid, Solutions-oriented, or Index, FoFs or ETFs coupled with continued buoyancy in SIP flows, at historic high, has peaked overall Indian MF Industry AAUMs to an all-time high of INR 38.21 lakh crores,” Mr Venkatesh said.

Highlights for October 2021 Monthly Data: