Overseas energy crisis stimulates the rise of nickel prices for non-ferrous commodities follow the upward trend [SMM Nickel Weekly]

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“SMM Nickel Industry chain Weekly report” is released. SMM will select hot topics, prices, quotations or major changes in the industry chain and release information for your reference.

The following is an excerpt from the weekly report of the SMM nickel industry chain:

At the beginning of this week, the problem of energy in Europe has fermented again, natural gas prices in many European countries have continued to soar, European aluminum mills have also begun to cut production, and market concerns about the risk of the energy crisis transmitting to the commodity supply chain have begun to intensify. among them, there are no related production cuts in the nickel market, but as market sentiment is bullish, nickel prices follow upward.

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In terms of fundamentals, as nickel prices continue to rise this week, domestic nickel inventories have increased by more than 360 tons month-on-month, and the rising water of pure nickel in the spot market has also dropped at a high level, and the overall spot trading situation is obviously not as good as that of last week. however, because last week, domestic suppliers have finished the pre-sale of pure nickel this week, so the overall trading performance is still better; In other links, the performance of the nickel sulfate market remains pessimistic, and the price of battery-grade nickel sulfate remains low. As the nickel price continues to rise, the premium of battery-grade nickel sulfate over pure nickel narrowed to 7000 yuan / ton.

Ferronickel stopped falling and stabilized this week, but as the price of pure nickel rose, the price difference between pure nickel and ferronickel continued to widen. On the whole, the two demand lines for nickel did not have a strong demand expectation for the time being, and there was not enough support for nickel prices. Look at the pressure position of 150000 at the top. SHFE nickel is expected to operate at 143000mm 151000 yuan / ton, and LME nickel price is expected to run at 196000020350 US dollars / ton.

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