MIIT: Production Capacity of Raw Material Commodities including Crude Steel and Cement Will Definitely Drop by 2025

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SHANGHAI, Dec 29 – China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), jointly with other authorities and departments, released the 14th Five-Year Plan for the development of the raw material industry that by 2025, the production capacity of commodities including crude steel and cement will definitely drop, and the capacity utilisation rate will be maintained at a reasonable level. The comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel will be reduced by 2% in the steel industry, the energy consumption per unit of clinker in cement will be reduced by 3.7%, and carbon emissions across the aluminium industry will be reduced by 5%.

The authority will carefully study and establish a regulation mechanism to curb the expansion of overcapacity by constraining carbon emissions, pollutant emissions and total energy consumption. The staggered production scheme of cement will be normalised, while that for steel and other industries shall also be actively studied and duly implemented. Besides, it is also key to control the amount of fuel coal consumed by major coal-consuming industries such as petrochemicals, steel and building materials.