Belgian company gets new trading and buying manager

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Special Fruit wants to guarantee the further expansion of its sales team. This Belgian company has, therefore, strengthened that team.

It now includes new Trading and buying manager Filipe Ravazzini da Silva. He had been with Dutch wholesaler Aartsen and Jaguar TFC for the last 20 years. 

He is passionate about day trading and commerce. He has a flair but, above all, the will to develop the best collaborations. Those are Filipe’s assets, cites Special Fruit.

“Filipe deems building lasting relationships vital. And he pays great attention to them. He aligns his knowledge and advice with common goals. That achieves the best common results,” says a company spokesperson.

For more information:
Filipe Ravazzini da Silva
Special Fruit NV
36 Europa Street
2321, Meer, Belgium