‘Sochna Kya Hai?’ Axis Mutual Fund asks in new ELSS campaign

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Mumbai: Every year, tax season is a time when discussions around how, where, and when to save taxes gain momentum. These conversations often tend to be anxious, given that a significant majority doesn’t plan their tax-saving strategies well in advance. “Tax ka kya socha hai?” is a question that gets thrown around quite a bit during tax season.

Axis Mutual Fund’s answer to that? “Sochna Kya Hai, ELSS Hai Na.”

It has teamed up with Mirum, the digital solutions agency from the Wunderman Thompson Network for a new investor awareness campaign illustrating the confidence that comes with a well-planned tax investment strategy.

In their latest campaign for the tax-saving mutual fund category ELSS, Axis Mutual Fund takes a different approach to getting people to invest. Instead of a doomsday plea to invest in ELSS before time runs out, with “Sochna Kya Hai”, the communication is aspirational – the implication is that those who’ve planned their taxes with ELSS needn’t worry themselves sick during tax season.

The campaign films show how the protagonists seem indecisive about other life decisions, but when it comes to their tax planning, they’re not too worried – “Kyunki Sochna Kya Hai, ELSS Hai Na.”

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Axis Mutual Fund head of marketing and digital Boniface Noronha said, “We’re looking forward to the reactions to this campaign – it’s a proposition we’re excited about, one that blends perfectly with who we are as a brand. The messaging is relevant, given how mutual funds aren’t the niche investing category that it once considered in India. We have plans to take this campaign forward in many ways even after the tax season, so we’re gearing up for that even as we speak.”

Miruum India ECD Naila Patel said, “Sochna Kya Hai…is in many ways a continuation of #TaxFever, and the two campaigns mirror the general public’s attitudes towards mutual funds. While with #TaxFever we identified the procrastination around making tax-saving investments, Sochna Kya Hai…is a commentary on the increasing confidence people seem to have in mutual funds for tax savings. We also adopted a rustic, quirky approach here because that kind of humour is something that cuts across audiences, even for something as non-humorous as tax planning! Not to mention the protagonists here exemplify responsible financial behaviour, which is what the brand is all about.”