Sean Hannity: Biden took a wrecking ball to America's oil industry to prove allegiance to the 'climate cult'

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Sean Hannity roasted President Biden Wednesday for his failed policies and condemned “New Green Deal Democrats” for using climate talk as a disguise to usher in socialism.

SEAN HANNITY: Every American is suffering. There is no question Joe Biden’s policies have been an unmitigated disaster, both at home and abroad. As a result, Joe Biden is now the most unpopular president in the modern era. Now, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who approves of his performance in office. Yesterday 30 people showed up to the president’s big, publicized speech in New Hampshire. Can you imagine if Donald Trump held an event and only 30 people showed up? What with the media reaction be then? 

Many of Biden’s problems, they are very obvious, but they are hurting the American people. His obvious decline in cognitive abilities, his public bouts of anger, confusion, shaking hands with the air. Joe’s constant stream of lying and blame and the ongoing scandal surrounding zero experience Hunter, and of course the Biden family syndicate. But at the very core of Biden’s failed presidency are his terrible policies and all of these policies are hurting you, we, the American people. Biden like any modern Democrat is required to prove his loyalty to the religious cult of climate alarmism. He cannot deviate. In order to demonstrate his devotion, Biden took a wrecking ball to Americas gas industry on day one and predictably, gas prices went way up. Heating and cooling prices went way up, the price of goods and services, which require transportation and energy, they also went up. Everything you buy and every store you go to is costing a hell of a lot more.

To add to these rising costs, Biden pumped trillions of dollars into what is an already hot economy, much of it in the name of climate change alarmism. According to one report, some of those funds earmarked for COVID-19 relief, oh, their investigation shows they were used by Joe Biden’s EPA to pay for grants promoting “green infrastructure” and “environmental justice.” One nonprofit actually received money for storytelling and tree walks to increase awareness surrounding an equitable tree canopy cover. What the hell is this?