Women protest against price hike of essential commodities

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Mysuru, April 21:- The Women India Movement, Karnataka unit, has strongly condemned the central and state governments new policies in hiking the prices of cooking gas, fuel and electricity.

“The price of petrol has risen by Rupees 10 per litre in the last two weeks. In addition, the cost of LPG cylinder (cooking gas) and essential commodities is skyrocketing and women are the direct victims of this. This proves the anti-women attitude of the government,” said the protesters gathered at the Masjid-E-Azam on Ashoka Road in the city on Wednesday (April 20).

The protesters added, “If this continues, the situation for women in Karnataka, which is the second state in women’s malnutrition, will worsen. Life is going to be insurmountable. This shows the corruption in the State. The administration system has deteriorated. But the government doesn’t seem to care about this. Instead, the riots were instigated by a racist argument. The government should immediately control prices.”

State vice president Sabira Begum, district president Ayesha Zabi, social activist Prameeladevi, campus front vice president Samina Banu and vice president Zarin Banu participated in the protest. (AM/GK)

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