Can't slow down: Jacky Wu's retirement plan encounters Murphy's law

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For a charismatic and witty host like Jacky Wu, it’s no surprise that he would have numerous hosting gigs lined up for him. 

After over 30 years of being in the biz, the veteran host mentioned several times that he wants to retire and take things slow. In fact, he first spoke about retirement way back in 2009

However, more than a decade later, he’s still going strong with four ongoing projects this year. 

Jacky, who made an appearance at last Sunday’s (April 24) Star Awards, told AsiaOne about his career plans in an interview. 

“My work has been rather odd these few years. It’s Murphy’s Law; the lesser jobs I want, the more jobs seem to come my way. I was supposed to only have two shows by the end of this year, but now I have one more… that being said, I might just retire tomorrow. I’ve said this for 10 years, but it’s because I love [my job] and I want to continue hosting,” he said. 

“Of course I can do other things related to hosting, such as bringing in newbies… I hope they can take over.” 

Aside from entertaining people onscreen, the four-time Golden Bell Award Winner is also the boss of multiple businesses, including his latest venture into karaoke systems. 

“I feel that once a person has reached a certain point in an industry, they have to start making plans to move to another industry. Now my businesses are more successful than whatever I’m doing in showbiz.” 


Jacky, who turns 60 this September, also told us that he has no intention to celebrate his birthday this year.

“The showbiz industry is experiencing some road bumps now and the Covid-19 situation is pretty serious. My birthday seems like a small thing in comparison — there’s nothing to celebrate.

“My birthday wish is just for everyone in the world to be healthy and safe, that’s important.”  

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