The economic failures of the Biden administration

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When I had the honor of being elected to my first term as chairman of the Montana Republican Party three years ago, the vast majority of Montanans had money in their pockets, gas in their cars, and groceries in their pantries. In the 16 short months that Joe Biden has been president, he and Washington D.C. Democrats have managed to bankrupt our country by sending gas prices to the highest level in history, inflation to the highest mark in 40 years, and energy prices soaring over 100%. But the sad part is that’s not even the full picture.

Nearly every industry in the country continues to be affected by the reckless decisions being made at the hands of the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress. In fact we just saw inflation hit another bank-breaking 40 year high of 8.5% — a direct hit to the pocketbooks of hardworking Montana families. Even through this crisis, delusional Democrats have been going around touting wages being up, but when factoring in inflation, real wages are down almost 3%, proving once again, not only are the Democrats hurting our country with their policies but they are insulting our intelligence by lying to our face.

As a business owner myself, I’ve seen the firsthand effects failed Democratic policies are having on local industries and businesses. Between supply chain bungles and record inflation, new inventory is almost impossible to acquire, used cars prices have increased over 35%, and filling any car up with fuel practically requires most Montanans to take out a loan.

The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one, and unfortunately Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington D.C. are failing to be honest about the causes of price increases Montanans are seeing.

First, Biden tried to tell us the inflation was “transitory,” then he claimed it was Covid’s fault, and now Biden and his White House are desperately attempting to divert the blame for their inflation crisis, instead calling inflation “Putin’s price hike.”

Joe Biden knows these excuses are hogwash. Biden and Congressional Democrats have fostered a war on made-in-America energy, passed trillions of dollars in wasteful spending, and refused to get responsible and lasting economic relief to Americans.

Under Democrat “leadership,” Americans not only have less money in their pockets, but they are less safe, have less freedom, and have less opportunities. Our country is in shambles, and rather than beginning to address these problems what is Joe Biden’s solution? Blaming others and telling us to suck it up.

Even through all of the chaos and dysfunction going on in our country right now, in just seven short months, we have the opportunity to begin righting the ship. We can send a clear message to President Biden and Congressional Democrats that we are not going to stand for their litany of lies, finger pointing, and radical policies.

By sending two Republicans from Montana back to Washington D.C. to represent our great state in the U.S. House of Representatives, we can finally begin to put an end to the radical left’s America last policies, turn the tide in our country, and start to repair the damage the Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress have done.

MTGOP Chairman Don Kaltschmidt lives in Whitefish.