Good investing habits, never lend money & being patient: Crucial financial lessons these bosses learnt from their dads

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Life is all about learning. Some lessons stay with us for life, especially when they come from our real-life superheroes – fathers.

From teaching us to walk holding his hand to imparting valuable life lessons, dads know just the best solution to our problems.

ETPanache Digital spoke to a few bosses to find out what they learnt from their fathers.

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Priti Rathi Gupta, Founder of LXME


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Priti Rathi Gupta, founder, LXME

Money lessons: My father has taught me the most critical life skill of investing. With his help, I have developed the ability to research and choose the right tools, the discipline and learnt the magic of compounding. These are not just restricted to money-related habits. He has taught me to invest in people, relationships and building businesses.

Somewhere both my parents taught me the crucial habit of saving, and helped me distinguish between my ‘wants’ and ‘luxury spends’.

Life hack: My dad encouraged me to always be open to learning. He taught me that it was crucial to build on your strengths, and know your weaknesses. Always be open to learning, to be able to work on both.

Gauri Shankar Nagabhushanam, CEO – India Business Parks at CapitaLand Investment


Gauri Shankar Nagabhushanam, CEO – India Business Parks, CapitaLand Investment

Money lessons: Lending money to friends and family, on most occasions, can spoil relationships. Hence, my father always advised me to help, if the situation demands, people close to me than lending money and spoiling relationships.

Life hack: My father said that roadblocks and challenges are all in the mind. If one can fool the mind into thinking that s/he is not restricted or that the situation is not challenging, s/she will be amazed at what can be achieved.

Meha Bhargava, Founder and CEO of Styl.Inc


Meha Bhargava, Founder and CEO, Styl.Inc

Money lessons: I learnt to be confident and patient from my father. The greatest gift he ever gave me was believing in myself when I decided to start my own business. He has been a pillar of support for me through all ups and downs.

Life hack: Growing up with him as a role model, I learnt to embrace failure as much as successes and to never let my inner child fade away. The biggest leaps of faith never felt risky because I always had him to save me from all my falls.

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