Biden on the rocks: 32% approval, 27% on economy

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President Joe Biden is fast heading into worst-ever territory as people are rejecting his handling of the economy — and him.

In two new polls depressing the White House today, one put his approval rating at a career low of 32%, and another rejected the president’s finger-pointing on the economy.

The latest Civiqs approval rating hit 32%, with 56% disapproving of the president. Even Democrats are expressing frustration, with their approval rate at a low 69%, according to the data.

At this stage of his presidency, Donald Trump was in better shape though also underwater with voters in the same Civiqs survey, at 44% approval, 52% disapproval, numbers he rarely broke from.

Recent presidents have all had very temporary low approval ratings below 30%, according to Gallup, but they didn’t stay there. Biden’s trend line, however, has been steadily down in the Civiqs survey since May 20, 2021.

Driving Biden’s disapproval has been the public’s dissatisfaction with the economy, surging gas prices, and unending and spiking inflation.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters found that just 27% were good with Biden’s handling of the economy. Some 71% said his handling was fair to poor.

And when asked who they blame for the poor economy, a majority said Biden, not the many targets of his finger-pointing, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. Some 52% blamed Biden for high gas prices, for example, but just 11% blamed Putin.

Maybe worst of all for Biden as he braces for the congressional midterm elections, 74% of voters told Rasmussen that the economy has “gotten … worse” under the Democratic president.