In NBC interview, Gov. Whitmer won't say whether Biden should run again

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Patrick Colson-Price, USA TODAY

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer would not say whether President Joe Biden should seek a second four-year term in a Wednesday interview with NBC News.

Biden’s low approval ratings, along with high inflation, are seen as two of the most significant hurdles Whitmer faces as she seeks her own re-election this year.

Asked whether Biden should run again in 2024, Whitmer said: “You know, I’m not going to weigh in on whether he should run,” NBC News reported on its “Meet the Press” blog. She added: “If he does run he’ll have my support.”

Whitmer was a co-chair of both Biden’s 2020 campaign and his inauguration and was on Biden’s short list as a 2020 running mate before he selected Vice President Kamala Harris.

In the Wednesday interview, Whitmer, a Democrat first elected governor in 2018 after serving in both the state House and Senate, was asked about her own presidential ambitions.

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“Would you rule out your own run for President in 2024?”

Whitmer sidestepped the question, saying “it’s flattering for people to even ask.” Pressed on the issue, she said she is focused on Michigan and getting the economy back on track and people back to work.

“I’m not even talking about 2024 right now,” Whitmer said. “I’m focused on Michigan right now. If I’m lucky enough to earn a four year term, it’s my intention to use every day of that four year term to ensure that Michigan’s in the strongest possible position.”

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