Learn The Best About Stock Market Trading From India’s Leading Educational Platform AISM

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Ever since the internet has boomed, trading and investing in the stock market is not just limited to investment professionals. Anyone with smartphone or a laptop has access to stock trading. In the last two years with the pandemic hitting the globe, many people have made their debut in the Mumbai’s Dalal Street. However, to become a successful trader, one must have thorough knowledge of the financial market. To all those who have started or want to become a past master in stock trading, AISM (Aim Institute of Stock Market) is a stock market analysis firm that offers extensive training. 

Offering diversified mentorship programs, AISM was formerly known as Dharamik Enterprise LLP. The online trading firm was coined by Dharmik Thakker in 2017, and since then, it has become an ultimate educational hub for all the aspiring stock market traders and investors. As per Financial Year 2021, there are more than 7000 companies listed in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) across India. Teaching students the method of handpicking best scripts through technical analysis, AISM has its online community of more than 5000 members in India and across borders.

As AISM marks its position as one of the biggest trading communities in India, it gives learners theoretical and practical knowledge about trading and how to invest money smartly. Offering the clear educational path about investing, Dharmik Thakker’s platform gives wide range of trading courses at an affordable price. As an expert, Mr. Thakkar suggests that patience is a crucial quality every trader and long-term investor should possess. Continuing to raise awareness about investing smartly, AISM has diminished the approach of people following tips to invest in stocks blindly. 

Rather, the trading platform teaches the students to follow a strategic approach backed by in-depth technical analysis. In addition, the mentors and faculty at AISM help the students in understanding financial market trends. “It is significant to know when to invest in stocks and when to book profits. Lately, the stock market has seen a downward trend where people panic seeing their investment incurring losses. If you look rationally, now is the ideal time to invest in stocks to build a profitable portfolio in the long term”, revealed Dharmik Thakker. 

In the last few years, AISM has dived deep into portfolio management and is currently managing financial portfolios of entrepreneurs in Gujarat and across India. Currently, the trading platform is working to enhance its coaching by bringing advanced e-learning courses for everyone sitting in any part of the world. 

With its primary focus on core learning, AISM gives people access to learn different courses about swinge trading, day trading and options trading. To know more about the educational trading platform, you can visit the website www.aism.in.