Axis Mutual Fund's campaign urges investors to understand risk for informed decisions

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Axis Mutual Fund announced the launch of its new advertising campaign, #SochaSamjhaRisk.

The 360-degree campaign aims to encourage investors to understand individual risk appetites with the help of a Risk Profiler. The initiative also focuses on educating investors about Riskometer to understand the fund risk and make informed investment decisions.

The campaign has been conceptualised and led by Mirum India.

#SochaSamjhaRisk is Axis Mutual Fund’s proactive step towards enhancing investor education and encouraging individuals to truly understand the risks associated with their investments, as per the company statement.

The first and second videos focus on spreading awareness and educating investors about Riskometer as a key tool to understand fund risk.

The third and fourth videos emphasise on encouraging investors to assess their risk appetite to make informed decisions.

B. Gopkumar, MD and CEO, Axis Mutual Fund, said, “Most investors perceive ‘Risk’ in the negative connotation and pay little heed to comprehending the real ‘Risk-Return’ trade off. As responsible investment managers, we believe investors must understand how ‘Risk’ influences their financial journey. Our latest initiative #SochaSamjhaRisk underscores the significance of well-thought-out investment decisions over impulsive, uninformed choices influenced by hearsay or market noise.”

Boniface Noronha, SVP and Head – Marketing, Digital and Direct Sales, Axis Mutual Fund, said, “Axis Mutual Fund’s #SochaSamjhaRisk is a one of its-first kind of initiatives aimed at changing the dynamics of investor education by actively encouraging people to ‘understand and decode risk’. #SochaSamjhaRisk capitalises on the core human insight of staying away from everything seemingly ‘Risky’ without truly understanding the ‘Risks’ involved. The four slice of life films capture everyday interactions to create a stronger resonance with the target audience.”

Naila Patel, National Creative Director, Mirum India, said, “While talking about risks is always tricky in mutual fund communication, this campaign gave us the opportunity to do just that – put the spotlight on risk, loud and clear! The genesis of this idea lies in the risks we take every day, the moment we step out of the comfort and safety of our homes. The big bad world can be risky, but we take the risk of navigating that big bad world, because we’ve put some thought behind a risk, we’re willing to take – a #SochaSamjhaRisk. And that’s what we’re telling those who’re averse to investing in mutual funds; sure, there’s risk, but if you know how to interpret that risk with the risk profiler and risk-o-meter, there’s a story waiting to unfold – the story of you realizing your dreams.”

#SochaSamjhaRisk Video 1:

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#SochaSamjhaRisk Video 2:

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#SochaSamjhaRisk Video 3:

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#SochaSamjhaRiskVideo 4:

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