Foreign Investors Pull Out Rs 14,800 Crore from Indian Stocks Amid Election Results and Market Shifts

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Foreign investors have pulled out nearly Rs 14,800 crore from domestic stocks in the first week of June, influenced by the results of India’s Lok Sabha election and the attractive valuations of Chinese stocks.

This outflow follows a net withdrawal of Rs 25,586 crore in May and over Rs 8,700 crore in April. The shift is attributed to concerns over India’s tax treaty with Mauritius and a sustained rise in US bond yields. Earlier this year, FPIs made a net investment of Rs 35,098 crore in March and Rs 1,539 crore in February, while January saw a withdrawal of Rs 25,743 crore.

From a medium to long-term perspective, interest rates will be a key driver for foreign investment flows into Indian equity markets. For this month so far, Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have made a net withdrawal of Rs 14,794 crore. The general election results have significantly influenced these flows. Forecasts of a decisive victory for BJP and NDA had initially buoyed the market, but actual results were less conclusive, leading to a reversal in sentiment and triggering a notable outflow. Investor hesitancy was also fueled by the lack of a clear majority in the parliamentary election.

FPIs regard Indian valuations to be very high, prompting a shift of capital to cheaper markets. The pessimism around Chinese stocks appears to be over, with investments flowing into Chinese stocks listed in the Hong Kong Exchange due to their attractive valuations.

Meanwhile, FPIs invested over Rs 4,000 crore in the debt market. Previous months also saw significant investments in January, February, and March, driven by the anticipated inclusion of Indian government bonds in global indices like JP Morgan. Experts believe the long-term outlook for FPI flows into Indian debt remains positive, though near-term flows are affected by global macroeconomic uncertainty and volatility.

Overall, foreign investors withdrew a net amount of Rs 38,158 crore from Indian equities in 2024 so far, while investing Rs 57,677 crore in the debt market.

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