Lodi bank employee nears retirement after never missing a day of work in 47 years

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LODI – A bank employee in Lodi has some big bragging rights. He’s never missed a day of work in his 47 years on the job and now he’s getting ready to retire.

Always busy with phone calls, and meetings, 75-year-old Bill Bruneel announced his retirement earlier this year after working with F&M Bank in Lodi for almost half a century.

“Started my banking career when I was 18 right out of high school,” Bruneel said.

Sticking around is something Bruneel has done. In all his years working, he says he’s never taken a day off or called in sick.

“My health at this point, I’m blessed, is good,”  Bruneel said.  “A part of that comes from the fact that I was raised on a farm, a dairy farm, and cows had to be milked each day.”

And ever since he was little, he knew the responsibilities of people – or cows – relying on you.

“My dad that had told me, hey if you’re not here to do the milking the cows are going to blow up,” Bruneel said.

Bruneel’s commitment to showing up is something he’s always honed on.

“I got some attendance awards. The report cards weren’t that great, but all the way through school I never missed a day either,” he said.

According to the City of Lodi, there is one person who has worked 50 years for the city, the longest tenure they know of. CBS13 asked Bruneel if he could stick around the beat that half-century mark.

“No, that would be no chance, I have plans,” Bruneel said.

Those plans are more family time and more traveling to see his four children and eight grandchildren.

“Different things to enjoy being with my wife after all these years,” he said.

But, staying busy nonetheless until his official last day with the bank on May 31.

“A lot to look forward to,” Bruneel said.

Bruneel also coaches Little League baseball and he’s been doing that longer than he’s been working. And no, he’s never skipped a single practice either.