Upstate police see increase in cryptocurrency scams

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (WPSA) – An Upstate police department has seen an increase in cryptocurrency in the past two years.

According to the Greenville Police Department, the individuals behind these scams typically instruct their victims to pay them using Bitcoin ATM machines.

Officers said there are five types of scams that those individuals are using.

One type of this scam is where the scammer is impersonating a police officer stating that you have missed jury duty, or warrants or fines that need to be paid.

Scammers also use romance scams, grandparents scams, investment scams, or computer virus scams as a way to steal your money.

During these scams, victims are instructed to make multiple cash deposits at Bitcoin ATMs in different locations.

The Greenville Police Department said that legitimate businesses and government agencies do not take payment through crypto ATMs.

If you believe you have been a victim of a Bitcoin Scam, contact your local enforcement.