Energy Blackout: How to Invest When Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Energy Shortage Alert: How to Invest When Truth is Stranger than Fiction

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Energy Shortage Alert: How to Invest When Truth is Stranger than Fiction

It sounds like a thriller movie with a villain crafted from a James Bond movie.

A major U.S. city in New England finds itself with no heat in the dead of winter. Thousands, if not millions, of Americans, are forced into generator-powered public shelters to stay warm.

The “solution” comes from a company shrouded in secrecy. A company whose largest plant is north of the Arctic Circle. And its product has been banned in the United States since 2018.

Yet, the company has somehow managed to make regular deliveries to this U.S. city like clockwork. Until now.


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Honestly, this could be the start of a book jacket for a novel I might read.

But the man making this prediction is not known to spit out fiction. Porter Stansberry is a legendary financial analyst who has made some of the biggest financial predictions in history. Like calling the bankruptcy of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Or that GM would go bankrupt as well.

He says his new prediction could be the biggest he’s ever issued (Free Video).

Then, as now, some will call him crazy. But he says America is closer to experiencing this nightmare than we think.

America is suffering from fuel shortages and rolling blackouts in many parts of the country (not that you’ll hear that from the “establishment media”).

Of course, the first question you might be asking is, why? Why is this happening?

It’s not because of an “Act of God” (not that they believe in Him much anyway). Years of short-sighted (at best) or inept leadership choked off the city’s supply of fuel to keep homes and businesses heated during the cold winter months.

Some experts say these policies have resulted in over $3 billion in higher energy costs than residents of Pennsylvania.

And that’s due to the fractured fairy tale known as the “Green New Deal” and the ideology of stakeholder capitalism that it’s birthed through the ESG movement.

The demands of these unelected ideologues have turned America from being energy independent into a nation at the mercy of countries wishing to change our way of life … forever.

Fortunately, there is a solution. And it can be found right here in the United States.

However, the Biden administration has made this group of companies public enemy number one while begging our rivals – and nations that threaten our national security – for the products we need to heat our homes.

That may be about to change. But be warned; it will not come without some pain.

You see, the Biden administration wants to ban these products – See how in this video.

This country’s economic pain will make them change their mind.

And I don’t want to scare you, but what we’re experiencing today may be only the beginning.

Eventually, though, things will have to change. And when they do, a small group of companies is already in a position to deliver this vital product and are flying under the radar of most investors.

This is an opportunity so big that Warren Buffett has invested in this sector in the last year, which dwarfs his investment in Coca-Cola and Apple – two of his most prized assets.

As Porter says, “When history’s most successful investor makes one of his biggest bets ever – it’s time to act…

Listen to the end to learn of this video for a special offer that will give you insider access to three investment ideas that have the potential of generating returns of 10-50x.

And so much more. But like many great investment ideas, the window on this opportunity is closing soon, so act now!

How to Invest When Truth is Stranger than Fiction 

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